Rules for Through the Eyes of Alacrity
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ZJ (#1511)
(04-15-2011 at 1:04 AM)
1) Treat each other with respect. This a rule for the site, but remember that just because you don't like another person's roleplay/character/character action is no reason to comment on it out of character.

2) When posting reference photos for your character, please make sure you are not stealing them from any site. To make sure of this, make sure they have a Creative Commons License. You can find certain photos with this on sites like

3) Appropriate Content. Do not post any sort of inappropriate content, this includes but is not limited to extreme gore, violence, hatespeech, drug & alcohol use, cutting, suicide, abusive situations and sexual activities of any kind.

4) No powerplaying. Powerplaying is using a person's character without permission or forcing someone to do something with their character that they do not want.

5) Respect all general forum rules and the rules of the RP thread you joined.

6) Any and all rule breaking or inappropriate posts should be reported by clicking on the "Report Thread" or "Report Reply" button, do not confront or accuse the person yourself.

Doggy Central (Charity) (#29407)
04-10-2013 at 10:08 AM
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