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Zombie Apocalypse: What would YOU do?
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Since we've been having a lot of more serious, and even heated discussions on topics that can inspire the flare of tempers, I wanted to introduce something new and maybe a bit more fun.

The prompt: The impossible has come true and fantasy has become reality. The dead seem to have risen, or maybe it's the living who are just shells of themselves. Whatever it is, it's an apocalypse, and these zombies are killing everyone in their path. You've heard it all over the news and over radio broadcasts, and for now, you're stuck in your room with your computer, windows and doors boarded up, and as far as you know you're safe. Safe enough to give your opinions and build on theories for what's going on, and what the best course of action would be.

First topic of debate: How did this happen? Is this God's punishment? Is it a virus? Is the government behind it? Make your best guess, or even an educated hypothesis on how and why this is happening, and debate the likelihood of each theory.

Second topic of debate: How will you survive? If you wind up with other survivors, how will you help provide food, water, and shelter for the group? Is it better to stay on the move, or to stay in one place? What kind of weapons are the best suited for battling the zombies when you have to?

Third topic of debate: Someone in your group has been bitten. Do you mercy kill them? Do you leave them behind to their fate? Do you try to find a cure? What if -you- have been bitten? Would you kill yourself, ask someone else to kill you, or face your own unfortunate fate in the hopes that someone might cure you someday?

Let's keep this fun and on topic. :} I'll give my own answers after a few other folks have weighed in.

08-18-2013 at 2:27 PM
Load up on bacon.

09-28-2012 at 10:21 PM
Oh, heck yes. Major Left 4 Dead fan, here.<br /> <br /> First topic of debate: How did this happen? <br /> A scientific experiment gone wrong. A cure for an unknown illness had just arrived, and their first test subject died less than five minutes ago, they decided to shoot the cure into them but they ended up not cured and brought back to life. The test subject was hungry and bit the scientist, and it spread worldwide.<br /> Second topic of debate: How will you survive? <br /> To provide food, water, and medication you may want to find a nearby grocery store to stay for a while. It would be better to stay on the move to see if you can find more survivors and a better food source or place to stay. The best weapons would be M16 Assault Rifles, chainsaws, machetes, chrome shotguns, pistols, and AK-47's.<br /> Third topic of debate: Someone in your group has been bitten. <br /> Kill em'. No other choice unless you want to be bitten. If I were bitten, I would kill myself.<br /> <br /> Oh, and don't be surprised when I say I'm a girl :3

07-19-2012 at 6:06 PM
Second: Sort of like the thing I do in video games when I get bad teams. (Oh yes. COD fan here. Prepare to be trolled. Augh, no.) ^-^ Find a room with a door in a corner, but with enough room to be in the corner and be able to look out. Then just wait there until everyone else figures out what's happening and fixes it. Hopefully that won't take too long, I dont have any food. XD<br />

06-14-2012 at 11:08 AM
I would rather have the sun die and take us with it the deal with zombies...I don't like the idea of being eatin alive/undead

06-9-2012 at 11:19 PM
(Ah, I love topics on zombie apocalypses &lt;3 )<br /> <br /> 1- Personally, I think [if this ever happened and I highly doubt it shall] one day a mad scientist will create a "cure for cancer"- hence the quotation marks. I think that from there, he or she will think the new cure//vaccine is a success and so they will apply it to cancer-stricken patients, but everything goes wrong, mutating the patients; in this case turning them into a flesh-craving human; a zombie. From there it will spread and eventually go on to pass through cities, then states, and so on. <br /> <br /> 2- First and foremost, I'd get a good supply of water that is light enough for me to carry a good, long distance but is enough to last me at least a couple of days if not less. That is the most important thing- to always have water before food. Food can wait a bit, but you'll die without water. I'd probably then hijack a car, preferably white -to reflect the sun and keep me cooler-; spacious -to gather survivors and equipment//supplies; good on gas-it's more reliable to have a car that can take you and others a good distance before breaking down/running out of gas. I'd heavily supply myself with melee weapons, and have at [least] ten rifles of choice with a good stock of ammo. I'd be sure to always try and use melee weapons first, even if they aren't weapons of choice, using them will give you a slightly better chance at survival. Zombies are attracted to sound and the scent of live humans, so always try to avoid coming in direct contact with one -unless in a dire situation and you've got no other choice-, and NEVER use a gun unless you absolutely must. They'll come running from all directions and then what? You're practically dead-especially if you run out of ammo. It's good to have multiple safety locations or "bases" for yourself and a group of survivors if you've got one. That way your resources are spread out and you've got a wider range of eyes and ears, especially if you've got radios and walkie-talkies, a must have. <br /> <br /> 3- Honestly, I would not prefer doing it but if someone in my group had been infected by being bitten, I would "put them out of their misery". It is not something I would have wanted to do, of course, but I would first have asked what that particular person would have wanted: to be killed by gun, or left to Turn. Personally I'd want someone to kill me, but I would have tried everything in my best power to stay alive, even if that means severing a limb or two. Double tap is essential to survival. Come on, you only [live] once, right?
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07-29-2011 at 4:56 PM
I have thought as if I was in a real zombie situation. This would be what I'd do...<br /> 1# Okay,it is certinly that weirdo who lives down the street,he is always killing animals...maybe for a re-animation experament. O.o<br /> 2# I'd have a painc moment,probably cry and scream. I'd grab all the freinds,animals,and baby stuff (ducklings,tadpoles,all that jazz) and food and water,and take it to allans Pizzaria. It's a mini mart where I live. They keep a gun under the counter. I'd train all the animals to be a lean,mean Zombie killing force. The ducklings would quack them to death. 3# I'd lock any bitten in the allen's freezer! I'll freez 'um then thaw them out to train my attack force. ;) All in all,I'd make my attack force super huge,then attack the weirdo who started this all,thus leaving the zombi forces without command,and to implode,killing each other. I'd be left with my freinds and family,and a super strong gaurd attack force incase this ever happend again! <br /> Me- *Drops re animation junk on grave yard full of dead people* Opps...<br /> Zombies- *Rise from the dead* Brainz!!<br /> Me- *Runs around screaming.* Not again!!!

07-24-2011 at 5:29 PM
First topic of debate: How did this happen? <br /> <br /> How did this happen? Simple! My mad scientist cat has been planning to destroy the world! What better than to bring the dead back alive, and form an army of brain-sucking minions?<br /> <br /> <br /> Second topic of debate: How will you survive? <br /> <br /> To survive, I would stock up on chocolate, pickles, tomatoes, and other neccasary items when in craving, and move into my favorite Sushi Restaurant as I possibly can (along with everyone important to me. Most certainly not my cousin >:P), after making it as Zombie-Proof as I can. Since I am a family member of this mad genius, I would manipulate her to make her army attack the owner and manager of the restaurant, to ensure that the place would be under my command. With food water, and "beds" off the list, our group would have pole and bat weapons, so if some zombies came and tried to eat our brains, we'd smash their heads right off their shoulders, killing them instantly. for years, our group would grow, and the actual war would start. I would lead our own army to battle, and try to defeat the apocalypse. As a side note, I would be the one ot go after my cat, and a slightly Star Wars like moment would happen.<br /> <br /> Missy/mad genius kitty: (Insert Name Here) I am your kitty.<br /> <br /> Me: Nooooooooo!! *pushed off bridge X_X*<br /> <br /> <br /> Third topic of debate: Someone in your group has been bitten. Do you mercy kill them? Do you leave them behind to their fate? Do you try to find a cure? What if -you- have been bitten? Would you kill yourself, ask someone else to kill you, or face your own unfortunate fate in the hopes that someone might cure you someday? <br /> <br /> If someone in my group had been bitten, I'd throw them out with the other zombies. Sorry, I don't have the hear to kill you, so now you have to live with my cat's army >8C! If I had been bitten, there's no way I'm letting myself get killed! I'd go and join Missy's side, support the apocalypse, and eat some braiinnzz!
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07-6-2011 at 9:24 AM
First topic of debate:<br /> How did this happen?<br /> Some weird government experiment went wrong. They were probably trying to create some new type of highly infectious disease and then it all went wrong. <br /> Is this God's punishment?<br /> If this is really happening, and I don’t wake up in my bed the next day to a normal situation, there is no God.<br /> Is it a virus?<br /> It’s possible. <br /> Is the government behind it? <br /> More than likely.<br /> <br /> Second topic of debate: <br /> How will you survive? <br /> I consume macaroni and cheese and water. I protect only my family and my pets. I stay hidden in a highly protected underground area and only come up to the surface in an emergency.<br /> If you wind up with other survivors, how will you help provide food, water, and shelter for the group? Is it better to stay on the move, or to stay in one place? <br /> I would only stay with my family and no one else. It’s better to stay in one place that you know is safe, easy to protect, and has all of the necessary equipment for survival.<br /> What kind of weapons are the best suited for battling the zombies when you have to?<br /> A gun, obviously since it’s a long-range weapon. (and for those of you who watched “Zombie Land”) Don’t forget to double tap!<br /> <br /> Third topic of debate: <br /> Someone in your group has been bitten. Do you mercy kill them? Do you leave them behind to their fate? Do you try to find a cure? <br /> I mercy kill them because the lesser the population of zombies is the better. And of course I try to find a cure… But I’d still mercy kill them; I can’t lug around a flesh-hungry zombie until I find a cure, that is, if I ever do find a cure.<br /> <br /> What if -you- have been bitten? Would you kill yourself, ask someone else to kill you, or face your own unfortunate fate in the hopes that someone might cure you someday?<br /> I would ask someone else to kill me because it seems like it’s the right thing to do… But I would make sure that I watch the zombie that bit me die because if I’m going down, the zombie is, too.

07-6-2011 at 6:47 AM
Oh yay! I've thought about this before, and I'm totally mentally prepared for the real thing! :p (not!)<br /> <br /> 1<br /> It's a disease. Maybe the government was doing tests and some of the "lab rats" got out and spread the disease<br /> <br /> 2<br /> Stay in one place to rest and gather supplies for a few days, then move before the zombies find you! Kill them with bullets, and don't forget to double-tap!<br /> <br /> 3<br /> We have to kill them. We can't let them stay in the group until they turn. Chances are they'll chase us down until someone else gets bitten, and before you know it, we'll all be zombies. If I was bitten, I'd tell someone else to kill me.
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06-26-2011 at 6:45 AM
I would, most likely, just curl up in a ball in the corner of my room and cry until the zombies got me. ;_;

06-22-2011 at 9:46 PM
Finally! Ive been trying to tell my dog Samson theres gonna be a Zombie Apocalypse and I should prepare! Dis be a good idea! <br /> <br /> 1. God's punishment. Plain and simple. Even the most greediest man in the world is afraid of Zombies. Personally I think its Zeus's punishment! Just because it seems like what an evil old man would do. <br /> <br /> 2. I'd get my dogs, my father and maybe my mother and brother and steal a plane and run to Greece! Mhm seems like a good idea! Once there I would go to one of those uncharted islands (After of course stealing all the food on the main island and robing the military base) and stay there for the rest of my life. I would of couse bring my computer phone, snoweh and tabby with me. And I'd probably kidnap this guy I like -cough cough-.<br /> <br /> 3. Kill'em. I'd make sure that me and my father and dogs weren't infected for sure! Than my mother and brother. And if two of us got infected well than bite us all. If I get infected than Im infecting you all. <br /> <br />

06-22-2011 at 6:21 PM
1<br /> I like the idea of mad scientist trying to revive dead people but failing at it so only the body is alive again but not the soul. <br /> <br /> Then again this would be some kind of boring as there were just a handful of zombies and living people couldn't turn into zombies. <br /> So maybe in one of these revived bodies the virus that killed the person was still alive and mutated during the experiments. The new "Zombie-Virus" can be described as mutated rabis.<br /> <br /> 2<br /> First of all: Think positive! Keep calm and carry on :P<br /> <br /> When I'm done with that I'd probably panic a little and then barricade myself in the house. As I am highly internet addicted I'll do some research to see how you can get infected and if it's a world-wide epidemic or not and if there's any way to survive. That wouldn't help much but it may can calm me down a little.<br /> <br /> But I can't stay in my house forever as soon there will be no more food... I have to get out. I grab my dog and jump in my car trying to reach the next military base (they have weapons there!). On my way there I <s>stop at</s> drive right into a superstore to get some food and water (without leaving the car of course). <br /> Probably there are other survivors at the military base so I'll wind up with them and -I must admit I'm a real coward- They'll have to provide Me with food water and shelter. We barricade us.<br /> <br /> Shooting at the zombies with a normal gun doesn't help much. They're already dead so a small bullet doesn't harm them. We have to get rid of the zombies with bigger stuff like bombs, hand grenades, tanks and anything that tears them to tatters. Once they're torn into small pieces they're harmless and without an "intact" zombie near the virus in them will die. <br /> Sitting in a safe tank or something like that I can help destroying zombies.<br /> <br /><br /> 3<br /> If someone gets bitten I'd prefer to lock them up instead of mercy kill them. <br /> When they're alive maybe some experts can make tests with them and find a cure or a vaccine for the "Zombie-disease".<br /> <br /> I'm not only a coward, I'm also a opportunist. So if I'm bit I'll join Evlon: swap sides, life the live of a happy zombie (who said being a zombie is bad? :P ) and eat some brainzzzzz!
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06-15-2011 at 6:27 AM
1) Virus for sure. >:C I blame the angry nerds! Don't mess up their DnD nights yo or this stuff gets real!<br /> <br /> 2) Depends on where I'm at during the outbreak. If I'm at home (lets hope!) gonna live out here like a hermit >:C Got me plenty of food and water from my lake alone, not counting any animals I could set traps for. And its out in the country, yay hardly any other people! >:| totally making an underground bunker with turret guns just in case they find me though.<br /> <br /> If I'm at my college, pssh camping out at bass pro shop all the way! Bar the doors, and live like a red neck gone wild! Guns, ammo, water, tons of food. I think I can make it >:D<br /> <br /> No moving around, they'll get smart and make traps >:C<br /> <br /> 3) If your bit, your dead. Right away, sorry man, that's how it is. If I'm bit, you better run for your lives, I'm swapping sides super fast, and coming to eat your brainnnsss!

06-14-2011 at 1:16 AM
1)I believe it is a mutated version of Rabies, as stated before. Either that or a 'cure' for some sort of disease that had mutated. It's also not found in the air. -shoves Zombie Survival book under desk-<br /> 2)I'd stick with my family. Most of them are acctually educated in this. -stuffs zombie survival handbook under desk again- ^^;. Anyway. We'd take all of our food upstairs, fill all of our cups, bowls, and anything else that might hold water with water, and take them upstairs, putting them in a safe spot. Then we'd take up all of our canned goods, probably leave the fridge untouched. (don't want rotten food) Take up all of the non-perishables, Bring up all of the necesities, board up windows etc. Then, when were sure everyone is upstairs and we have everything we need, turn off all of the lights, and destroy the staircase. We are then trapped upstairs, but we also have all of the food, and a ton of water. <br /> 3) If one of us were to be bitten, I'd probably kill them, to put them out of their misery, and to help prevent one more zombie in the<br /> world.<br /> If I were bitten, i'd probably kill myself, or have someone else do it. I would NOT go out and add another zombie in the world.
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2011-06-14 09:32:56 by #2054

06-14-2011 at 1:09 AM
1. I've always prescribed to the animated dead zombie way of thinking so to me its not contagious. But if you're dead a necromancer can turn you into one...<br /> <br /> 2. If i was a survivor i would head out and try and find the necro who is turning all the dead people and get rid of him and kill all his zombies! I'd probably load up with my shotgun to take out the zombies and my high power rifle or handgun to take out the necro.<br /> <br /> 3. Well since to me its not a disease I wouldn't be doing mercy killings because that would just give the necromancer more bodies to turn.

06-14-2011 at 1:07 AM
#1 Oh Definately a medical problem. scientist screw up and thinking they just created the cure for cancer. or a virus. #2 i'd go to a really remote area, like an native inuit tribe so with the extremely small population, you don't have to worry about them coming out the wazoo you know? when you go around new york city, and half the population is the walking dead, you have a lot of work ahead of you. #3 kill who has been bitten and yes if i was bitten i'd kill myself. i wouldn't count on the human race to clean up their messes ;)

06-13-2011 at 11:14 PM
:D <br /> <br /> <br /> 1. I've heard of new viruses developing or mutating. Maybe a new mutations irrupted in something like rabies. Or some test gone completely wrong.<br /> <br /> 2. I'd stay on the move, try to find survivors and team up playing off strengths and planning things through. If we found somewhere the zombies couldn't get to and it had food I'd try to hold out there, but you don't want to get surrounded. So, on the move is preferred. Maybe try to hide out in the mountains until resources are needed. Also, bring a ton of extra gas tanks.<br /> I'd prefer a combat rifle, a sniper with a sword and hunting knife.<br /> <br /> 3.<br /> I would prefer to have people in my group who would know what to do. If they won't, I may try to do it as quickly as possible without them knowing.(Think of Lenny on Of Mice And Men)<br /> However that ma be smarter... I don't think I could pull the trigger.<br /> <br /> Myself? I don't think I could pull it, I'd want someone else to.

06-13-2011 at 11:58 AM
I love this topic. :D But I've always just focused on the boring apocalypse story - nothing supernatural (it's too cliche to use in stories XD). Also, I'd love to use this for a story someday (so, my ideas...back off :P) Anyway, here goes:<br /> <br /> 1: It's a virus that the government was experimenting with. They didn't mean to release it, but it got released and is now infecting everyone. Perhaps some people are immune to it and they make up a group of survivors who go around and kill everyone else. You're only allowed into the group if you're immune (and they'll test you for it - they have a "pet" zombie on hand to bite you). That would eliminate the worry of "What would happen if I got bitten and turned?" and you wouldn't have to worry about your friends getting bitten.<br /> <br /> 2: I'd join a group of survivors, or even start a group of survivors. I'd happily take on the role of scout - someone who runs ahead of the group to make sure the way is clear and to see if there's anything worth taking up the road. It's absolutely better to stay on the move (less chance of another group of people coming to try to steal your stuff), unless you can find a safe and secure place to hole up. Personally, I'd prefer a shotgun or automatic rifle (maybe something military) as well as a machete (just in case).<br /> <br /> 3: <i>If</i> there was no immunity to the virus, I'd mercy kill whoever got bit. Once they turn, they're not <i>them</i> anymore. If I couldn't bring myself to do it before they'd turn, I'd at least lock them up so that once they're zombified it'd be easier to kill them. If I got bit, I'd want them to use me to study. Maybe my sacrifice could help them kill zombies more effectively. I don't think there's a cure; once you're infected by a disease that kills you and reanimates your body, there's really no hope for a human existence.


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