A Quick Money-Making Guide!

Are you new to Alacrity? Need help earning money? Well, this guide is just for you! Hopefully you will gain some knowledge from this guide to help you make some money.



Money is the regular currency here on Alacrity (Its also known as Ala Cash to some Alacrity Players). With money, you can enter your dogs in agility trials, buy additional slots for your kennel, purchase items, etc! You will be using money the most, and will find it essential to continue earning more to reach goals and care for your dogs.

What are some easy ways to earn money? Well, let me first start off by saying that earning money can be difficult. You may need to be patient before you start seeing the money rake in.

A Quick Buck

~Verify your email address! After you joined, you were sent an email where you could verify your email address and earn $10,000. If you have not yet done this, it may still be in action!

~Collect your Puppy Pack! As a new member, you can collect a puppy pack from your inventory. Any items you do not wish to keep can be sold!

~Login. Every day you login, you earn an easy $100. If you are upgraded, you earn $200! Login each week, and receive interest from your bank account as well (1% interest for basic and 2% interest for upgraded).

~Play the Games! The games hand out small amounts of money, which may not seem to be alot at first, but do help build up your savings (And if your good at riddles, it gives the most cash)!

~Enter Contests! Some contests may not be within your capabilities (like art contests), but other contests may be easier. If you win you may get a cash reward! Contests can be found on Forums, but Alacrity contests come up in the News!

~Sell Art and Layouts! As more members join, they may be interested in decorating their kennel with art. You may or may not have some skills in this area, but why not give it a try and see if anyone will try? (You can advertise services on the "Forum" or in your "Status!)

~Sell Items you no longer need! If something in your inventory is no longer needed to be used, auction it off or put it in your shop for some extra money!

~Know what people are after. What is everyone after these days? Try buying these items and selling them for profit. Please be thoughtful of others and let them have a chance at the cheaper prices though!

~Shower your friends with gifts. When you are there to help them, hopefully they will be there for you when you need help in the future.

~Sell Bones. Bones are sought after, and are worth thousands!

~Sell your second account that you may no longer want. Depending on ID#, people may pay alot! If you don't want to sell it, then don't! (Please remember however that you can only have 2 accounts at a time!)

~Items are Money. If you have a wishlist with items on it, you might receive gifts from other people! You can either use or sell these items.

~Offer to train other peoples' dogs for a fee. Many people want their puppies to be successful, so some may be willing to pay for it!

~Enter Agility Trials! Although you have to provide money towards the trial, you may earn more back if your dog wins.

~Stud your males! If you have a handsome dog who others think would make a great father, try putting him up for stud so you can earn money from his stud fees.

~Sell Puppies and Dogs. Have a dog you do not want? Someone else may adore it! Be sure to price fairly to earn a nice amount of money.

~Trade Currencies with Other Sites! If you have extra money on other sites, and you wish to have more on Alacrity, try finding members from the other sites that are selling their Alacrity money for the other site currency. (The best way is to post in "Sales" on the forum!)


Bones are the special currency on Alacrity that can be used to upgrade your account, buy yourself rare items, and more! Bones are much rarer than Money because these can only be earned in special ways.

Remember, Bones are expensive and rare! They take longer to earn, so these are more difficult to get! Hopefully these tips will help you!

A Fast Fortune

~Donate to Alacrity. To run Alacrity, real money is needed. Support the site, and earn Bones! Earning 1 Bone per U.S.D., you help control the future of Alacrity.

~Refer Members! For every X amount of people (this number can be found on the referrals page!) who refer you when joining, you earn one bone!

~Buy Bones from other players. Using the site's main currency, you can buy bones from others! Try to find those sellers and try to trade!

~Sell Rare Items. When limited items are released, they become more rare over time. People who want these items may pay high to get what they want.

~Trade Site Currencies. Other SIM sites have special currencies as well, see if anyone who has bones will sell for these currencies!

~Sell Art and Layouts. If your art is absolutely amazing, people will possibly pay bones. If none of your art sells for bones, try lowering to money!


You have finally finished reading this quick money-making guide! There are still several other ways to earn that moolah, but this collection of tips should help you start out.

I would like to wish you good luck on all your goals, and I hope this guide helped!

Evt|nant (#24), edited by Rozalyn (#1374)
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