Maxes out a dog's ability in each trial object.
Magical Water Bowl
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Completely freeze your dog in time! No aging, hunger, loss of energy, etc.! While equipped, your dog can not train, trial, or breed, and no other items can be used after starting the freeze until it is removed. Timestop can only be equipped or removed once per dog, per day.
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custom by #2445: A fat, lazy little pug. Happy birthday Komi!
Montgomery Finch
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Welcome to Hekomi [MOA Pits] (#26)'s profile.
currently: working on figure out all this silly layout stuff. e___e

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(11-25-2011 at 8:06 PM)


It's been awhile since I've talked to ya Hekomi. ^^" How are ya?
is Minotaur going to be having babies anytime soon or available for stud?
(09-23-2011 at 2:15 PM)
Rainwolfeh| r.i.p. Lennox + Schoep
I have some VRs I'm willing to trade, ^^;
What am I doing?

Welcome to Mists of Avalon!

In this Kennel you will find top quality pitbull studs, bitches and pups. Each pup is guaranteed to have great TP, good markings, maxed parents and will be non-inbred. Each pup parent's will be maxed and equipped with Chances at the time of breeding, along with two breeders perks. This ensures maximum TP from the pairing. Most of our pitbulls will have strong brindle, and brown/black/red coats are preferred. Any eye colour is preferred. Medium white markings are encouraged.

All dogs come pre-tagged! If they come without a tag I ask that you send them back for tagging and I will refund 10% of what you bought them for. If you tag them with your own tag I will be quite displeased.

Please do not ask me to buy my dogs unless they are actually labelled as for sale. If not, they are not for sale and probably will never be.

Symbol Code
? - MOA Dog
? - Maxed Custom
O - Maxed Dog
† - Dog in Training

Mists of Avalon has four main custom pitbulls, and I have brought in more dogs as we have expanded. Below you will find links to each dog as well as their standard mates.

First Generation
Nocht x Kalylia
Gryphon x Siren
Sir Pibblesworth x Lady Vivienne

Second Generation
Wyvern x Nymph
Manticore x Harpyie
Minotaur x Faery
Centaur x Satyr
Cerberus x Pegasus
Fawn x Graeae
Balroq x Elf
Dragon x Medusa
Warlock x Witch
Loch x Nessa
Daragh x Drow
??? x Neo

Third Generation
Cyclops x Hydra
Seeker x Unicorn
Dwarf x Hobbit

Fourth Generation
??? x Gossamer

Currently we have no dogs for sale.

If you are interested in pittie pups, 2nd gens will be 18k or 1 bone.
3rd gens will be priced accordingly.

Besides breeding and selling pitbulls, MOA also offers some training services. Training sessions are in kennel, with Trainer's Perk, Scholar Collar, an energy companion and a rejuvenator.

Currently we are closed for training services.

Training Prices for Maxing
0-300TP - 10k/1 bone
301-500 - 15k/1 bone
501-700 - 25k/1 bones
701-900 - 50k/2 bones
901-1100 - 65k/3 bones
1101-1300 - 85k/5 bones
1301-1500 - 120k/6 bones
1501-1700 - 140k/7 bones
1701+ - 160k/10 bones

Training Prices for Individual Sessions
0-500TP - $200 per session
500-900 - $250 per session
900-1500 - $275 per session
1500+ - $300 per session

To reserve a dog, please either scribble or message me to inquire about breeding. Most of the time I will gladly breed a pair for you.

If you have reserved a pitbull, or other dog, the information will be found here.

JazzNBlues (13065) - One pup - looks like Kalylia
bunnygirl3413 (6883) - Pup from Siren x Gryphon
Fallowstar (#16854) - Pup - male

Remedy (11937) - Pup from Minotaur x Faery

Dogfancy0 (13) - Nocht clone

Hekomi, or more commonly known as "Komi" is a twenty year old university student. She is currently studying Classical Studies at one of the top rated Canadian universities. She loves all animals and owns two horses of her own. Her mother and herself manage a barn in her hometown, where they board two other horses as well as their combined three. She also has a llama, which she adores, named Swarlos.

Komi is currently working two jobs, full time at a provincial park, and part time teaching swimming for her entrepreneurial business.

If she needs to be reached, please message/scribble this account. She can also be contacted at chickensmoothie as "Hekomi & Jeweled" or aywas as #11733. For any other contact information, please message.

Manipulated image was done by Hekomi [26].
Coding done by Hekomi [26].
If you are interested in a layout please PM #26 to inquire.
Dogs Put Down: 0 | Dogs Died In Care: 0 | Training Sessions: 194
Dogs in "Mists of Avalon"
- in heat | - up for auction | - up for sale | - up for bone sale | - up for stud| - pregnant dog
Preview Name Breed Age Gender
unkenneled dogs:
«♠ Gryphon (#72601) American Pit Bull Terrier 94.68 months male
«♠ Kalylia (#72599) American Pit Bull Terrier 117.72 months female
«♠ Lady Vivienne (#77269) American Pit Bull Terrier 70.44 months female
«♠ Nocht (#72588) American Pit Bull Terrier 90.42 months male
«♠ Sir Pibblesworth (#77270) American Pit Bull Terrier 71.85 months male
«♠ Siren (#72607) American Pit Bull Terrier 128.58 months female
√♠ Balroq (#76035) American Pit Bull Terrier 73.02 months male
√♠ Centaur (#74910) American Pit Bull Terrier 70.79 months male
√♠ Cerberus (#75181) American Pit Bull Terrier 75.87 months male
√♠ Cyclops (#77247) American Pit Bull Terrier 78.99 months male
√♠ Dragon (#75255) American Pit Bull Terrier 75.87 months male
√♠ Elf (#75211) American Pit Bull Terrier 78.03 months female
√♠ Faery (#74898) American Pit Bull Terrier 75.60 months female
√♠ Harpyie (#73861) American Pit Bull Terrier 83.55 months female
√♠ Hydra (#74836) American Pit Bull Terrier 135.99 months female
√♠ Manticore (#74642) American Pit Bull Terrier 77.15 months male
√♠ Medusa (#75134) American Pit Bull Terrier 78.42 months female
√♠ Minotaur (#74984) American Pit Bull Terrier 74.22 months male
√♠ Pegasus (#74344) American Pit Bull Terrier 79.83 months female
√♠ Satyr (#74722) American Pit Bull Terrier 74.19 months female
√♠ Seeker (#76059) American Pit Bull Terrier 73.32 months male
√♠ Wyvern (#73494) American Pit Bull Terrier 88.35 months male
√♠  Nymph (#73240) American Pit Bull Terrier 96.99 months female
†♠ Dwarf (#79909) American Pit Bull Terrier 58.89 months male
†♠ Gossamer (#79656) American Pit Bull Terrier 59.79 months female
†♠ Graeae (#75190) American Pit Bull Terrier 75.87 months female
†♠ Hobbit (#81416) American Pit Bull Terrier 52.29 months female
†♠ Unicorn (#78872) American Pit Bull Terrier 62.76 months female
♠ Daragh (#80240) American Pit Bull Terrier 53.19 months male
♠ Drow (#81471) American Pit Bull Terrier 47.46 months female
♠ Fawn (#74975) American Pit Bull Terrier 55.03 months male
♠ Gorgon (#76857) American Pit Bull Terrier 65.28 months male
♠ Iacchus *** (#75476) American Pit Bull Terrier 10.56 months male
♠ Loch (#77995) American Pit Bull Terrier 60.66 months male
♠ Neo (#80284) American Pit Bull Terrier 59.04 months female
♠ Nessa (#78829) American Pit Bull Terrier 57.75 months female
♠ Pixie *** (#76226) American Pit Bull Terrier 71.97 months female
♠ Warlock (#76097) American Pit Bull Terrier 1.29 months male
♠ Witch (#76403) American Pit Bull Terrier 0.57 months female
Hekomi (#98074) Siberian Husky 12.81 months female
Keeping (#82832) American Pit Bull Terrier 47.88 months male
Keeping (#83025) American Pit Bull Terrier 47.40 months male
Keeping (#83080) American Pit Bull Terrier 47.28 months male
Keeping (#83250) American Pit Bull Terrier 49.38 months male

Account Type: basic

User Records - [ x view more ]
03-14-2023 11:57 PM : Your dog √♠  Nymph and its companion Baby Griffin brought you a(n) Silver Water Bowl.
02-28-2023 11:57 PM : Your dog √♠  Nymph and its companion Baby Griffin brought you a(n) Gingerbread Man.
02-14-2023 11:57 PM : Your dog √♠  Nymph and its companion Baby Griffin brought you a(n) Rudolph Plush.
01-31-2023 11:57 PM : Your dog √♠  Nymph and its companion Baby Griffin brought you a(n) Full Moon.



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