Give this item to one of your dogs, to help you create your custom accessory! Your CA must be your own art, or art that you have commissioned and are using with permission. NO PHOTOS OR TRACED IMAGES!
Custom Accessory Maker
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Two beautiful doves carry wedding bells over the heads of the bride or groom to be at Robyn's wedding.
Robyn`s Wedding Doves
you own: 0.
A fancy accessory for your canine artist! This pendant will allow you access to one free CAM per month, non-stackable.
Paint Palette Pendant
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(11-19-2020 at 6:47 AM)

(02-24-2020 at 3:01 PM)
Ashton ❄
p.s. beeee gooooooood

(02-24-2020 at 3:01 PM)
Ashton ❄

^^4 is my favorite number, so I remembered the day I had all fours in my bank account :)^^

Please do not copy + edit my profile. It was made for me by Soul, I paid for it.
Copying + editing my profile layout to suit yours is ART THEFT and therefore a violation of general rule #12.

About Me

Use the Issue Hub. I will not answer issues/problems through messages.

I became a moderator on June, 21st, 2012! :)

My name is Clayton, I'm 22 years old, male and I live in Canada with my pets. My hobbies include drawing [for $$ or for fun], practicing taxidermy, and collecting furs, pelts, hides, skulls and bones. I have quite an extensive, expensive, and growing collection.
I like to think that I'm a pretty nice guy if you don't get on my bad side, but I'm sure many people have differing opinions on me as I tend to be very crass, sardonic, harsh and very vocal about my opinions on controversial subjects [or just anything, to be honest].

I like just about everybody I've met on Alacrity and I hope to continue meeting many more awesome people. :)


My Breedings

I will only breed blue APBT with blue, green, albino or blue/green/albino mismatched eyes. I will immediately cull any dogs that have tan markings or eyes/coat that are not stated as above.
- I will not breed my dogs with any dogs that have tan markings, or are not maxed. Stud requests will not be accepted unless they fit the above criteria, and even so, I may deny a request for whatever reason.

Buying My Puppies

- "Why are your dogs so expensive?"
My Pit Bulls are for the majority, bred entirely by me.. meaning, I breed my dogs to each other (no in-breeding which makes it hard) and when I am desperate for new blood, I buy a dog from the outside. The trouble with my line is my standards.. I will only breed blue-coated dogs (harder) with green/blue/albino eyes (even harder) and this is very hard to find in outside dogs.. so my lines were SLOW at crawling up the TP ladder (I've hit the cap!). My lines are consistently the highest-TP Pit Bulls for sale on the whole site, I haven't seen anybody sell a higher-TP Pit Bull in a long time, so my prices will continue to be high.
- I will block users from buying my dogs if they like to breed before maxing. I will not sell to users who breed before maxing or users who put unmaxed or horribly low TP dogs up for stud. Users who do this will not come off my no-sell/ban list. If you are on my no-sell list, you have done something mentioned above!
- I do not put people on my no-sell list for no reason, there would be no point to that. If someone is on my no-sell list, it is because they have either bred before maxing, put unmaxed dogs up for stud, bred horrible-tp dogs (under 150TP), bought and retired good-tp dogs or mass-breed (puppy-milling). I do not like to contribute to any of those, so I do not sell to people who do.
- Pups for sale can be seen in my "FOR SALE" kennel and are up for auction and autobuy for relatively cheap. Dogs are for sale at my set price for 2 weeks, then they are retired. If you do not see a dollar-sign, auction-sign or bone beside a dog's name, it is NOT FOR SALE. Do not bother asking, it's annoying having people ask me for my dogs that aren't for sale :(

An exception is made here if I accidentally put a dog up for sale that was not meant to be. I will gladly refund you your $$ if I want the dog back and I may even give you another dog in exchange as well.


Additional Note:

- I do not maliciously retire pound/sale dogs for fun. I purchase garbage-tp [under 150] dogs and retire them to clean up the site. Many other users do this as well. If you have a problem with me doing this with sale/pound dogs, feel free to add me to your no-sell list. People who harass me about doing this get blocked.

My Art

I do not be accept bones or alacrity $$ as payment for commissions. I take commissions to pay for my pets' food, toys, vet appointments and medicine, so bones and virtual money just won't cut it.. sorry :P

I am currently CLOSED for commissions. PM me

Kennel Symbols

JrCh (Junior Champion) - Dogbert
Ch (Champion) - Scooby
ACh (Advanced Champion) - Odie
GCh (Grand Champion) - Toto
AGCh (Advanced Grand Champion) - Marley
IGCh (International Grand Champion) - Otis
UGCh (Universal Grand Champion) - Gromit
SGCh (Supreme Grand Champion) - Snoopy

One of the titles mentioned before a dog's name means MAXED. I only trial maxed dogs.
"☆" before a dog's name means UNMAXED
"❤" before a dog's name means BEING TRAINED
"❈" before a dog's name means DOG IS FROZEN
"Ɍ" before a dog's name means it will be RETIRED if not sold within ONE WEEK.
"©" before a dog's name means its TP is CAPPED.

Item/Companion Rentals

Chance/Breeder Perk/Heat Cookie/Fox Cub:

- I rent out two my Chances for $30,000 each for ONE breeding. I am also willing to aid in breeding with my Breeder Perk PLUS Chance for $40,000. That is a TP increase of 25%.
- Assisting with breeding with ONLY my Breeder Perk will be $10,000.
- I will rent out my Heat Cookie for $25,000 but only to people who do not mass-breed and only to people who I trust will not mass-breed and I will also rent out my Fox Cub for $30,000.
- I reserve the right to deny these items to whoever I want, for whatever reason.
- I will not rent out my breeding items or services to those who do not max before breeding.

Scholar Collar:

- I rent out my 21 Scholar Collars. Please MESSAGE ME for prices, they are based on TP.
- Scholar Collars are to be used ONLY ON ONE DOG AT A TIME UNLESS STATED OTHERWISE. You cannot switch the collar to other dogs. You can also not let anybody else borrow it, rent it out, sell it or trade it.
- By contacting me to rent my Scholar Collar, you agree that I am renting it to you, not selling. I require my Scholar Collar to be sent back upon maxing of the dog.
- I like to keep my ducks in a row, I do check up on people renting my items, and I check up on them often. If I catch them breaking the above rule, I will ask them to switch it back to the dog. After that, I will have to contact the admins. I do not want to have to do that, but I take it very seriously when people are using my rare items.
People who break my rules of renting my items will not receive a refund when I request it back.

My Training/Maxing Services

Training Sessions:

I have about 200 or so training sessions between my two accounts and I sell them.
- Sessions incl. Scholar Collar, Trainer Perk and In-Kennel = $250 each.
- Sessions incl. Trainer Perk and In-Kennel = $200 each.
I only sell these when I have nobody in my kennel being maxed, you can view who I am maxing below.


I DO max dogs, for bones or for Alacrity $.. and maxing includes Scholar Collar, Trainer Perk, Rejuvenator, Amur Leopard, Savage Werewolf, Golden Leash and they are fed Agility Chow whenever they get hungry. I will accept bones as payment.
My prices have been removed to protect my business from copycats ;) Please message me for prices!
If you would like me to max your dog(s), please message me! I will put you on a list if I am currently maxing a dog for someone, or I will be willing to take your dog right then and there. If your dog is fully trained in basic, I may even be able to estimate the time it will take to max him/her.

Dogs Put Down: 1 | Dogs Died In Care: 76 | Training Sessions: 2360
Dogs in "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie"
- in heat | - up for auction | - up for sale | - up for bone sale | - up for stud| - pregnant dog
Preview Name Breed Age Gender
unkenneled dogs:
® Ch Clay`s Atlas (#72530) American Pit Bull Terrier 999.99 months male
® JrCh Clay`s Juno (#72557) American Pit Bull Terrier 999.99 months female
® ★Clay`s Anton (#86194) American Pit Bull Terrier 999.99 months male
Isabella/157.00(Maxed) (#254249) American Pit Bull Terrier 150.78 months female
Bloody Valentine/400.40(Maxed) (#255389) American Pit Bull Terrier 129.12 months male
Lock Heart/0.00(Maxed) (#253934) Australian Shepherd 142.29 months male
Candy Coated Raisin/163.00(Maxed) (#255653) Australian Shepherd 136.62 months female
Notyalc (#153062) Border Collie 669.79 months male
Calm Waters/719.16(Maxed) (#254943) Borzoi 139.05 months female
Frost/156.00(Maxed) (#256693) Borzoi 133.83 months female
Casanova/256.35(Maxed) (#260071) Borzoi 96.69 months male
® UGCh Our Solemn Hour (#95391) German Shepherd 822.83 months male
Kabutta megami(M){Frozen} (#107492) German Shepherd 166.76 months female
Isabella/1001.78(Maxed){Frozen} (#163504) German Shepherd 153.58 months female
Anne Bonny/680.76(Maxed) (#163537) German Shepherd 75.12 months female
Monster of the Seven Seas/764.96(Maxed) (#165799) German Shepherd 122.40 months male
Lamb/548.64(Maxed){Frozen} (#175690) German Shepherd 227.96 months female
Sky Diver/703.24(Maxed) (#180580) German Shepherd 119.77 months female
Mr.Bean's Big Day/1004.64(Maxed){Frozen} (#190649) German Shepherd 208.71 months male
Mai/711.60[S](Maxed){Frozen} (#215820) German Shepherd 75.36 months female
Dot/1248.65(Maxed){Frozen} (#218312) German Shepherd 229.05 months female
Blue Dawn/941.89(Maxed){Frozen} (#218343) German Shepherd 182.55 months female
Acid Rain/986.69(Maxed){Frozen} (#219450) German Shepherd 198.12 months female
Purple Curse/168.80(Maxed) (#238160) German Shepherd 131.16 months female
Devil in Disguise/876.44(Maxed){Frozen} (#239312) German Shepherd 155.25 months male
Paintball Fight/2.00(Maxed) (#252829) German Shepherd 153.27 months male
Underwater Secret/944.76[N](Maxed) (#256651) German Shepherd 124.26 months male
Sea Marsh/436.65(Maxed) (#260285) Great Dane 93.02 months male
Taste The Rainbow/432.90(Maxed) (#252024) Great Dane 91.44 months female
Triton/272.00(Maxed)© (#249402) Great Dane 153.75 months male
Sailing Chills/424.32(Maxed) (#249412) Great Dane 151.91 months female
Vision's of Blue/500.40(Maxed) (#250628) Great Dane 130.38 months female
Blood Never Lies/423.24(Maxed) (#250768) Great Dane 108.84 months female
Nevermore/272.002(Maxed)© (#250748) Great Dane 148.32 months female
Teeny/522.24(Maxed) (#251528) Great Dane 142.56 months female
General Payne/508.05(Maxed) (#253492) Great Dane 122.31 months male
Longbottom/424.68(Maxed) (#252019) Great Dane 163.47 months male
Reality Check/425.76(Maxed) (#251793) Great Dane 131.94 months female
Ash/429.96(Maxed) (#251788) Great Dane 93.09 months male
Military Grade/656.64(Maxed) (#251836) Great Dane 115.74 months male
Shades of Grey/654.24(Maxed) (#251881) Great Dane 152.16 months male
Skittles/429.90(Maxed) (#252021) Great Dane 88.17 months female
Killer Virus/432.90(Maxed) (#252022) Great Dane 88.26 months male
Lightening in a Bottle/429.84(Maxed) (#252140) Great Dane 162.42 months female
Low Ink Levels/439.80(Maxed) (#252548) Great Dane 160.29 months female
Seafoam/172.50(Maxed) (#253377) Great Dane 124.71 months male
Razzle Dazzle/519.36(Maxed) (#253827) Great Dane 150.39 months female
Flames of Passion/434.64(Maxed) (#253828) Great Dane 125.40 months male
Purple Pox/551.40(Maxed) (#253887) Great Dane 151.53 months male
Snozzberries/434.30(Maxed) (#253930) Great Dane 141.00 months male
Crackle/527.76(Maxed) (#253979) Great Dane 129.36 months male
Hogwarts/657.60(Maxed) (#254069) Great Dane 146.19 months male
Wayward Blues/621.27(Maxed) (#255030) Great Dane 138.63 months male
Dragon/627.27(Maxed) (#255035) Great Dane 143.73 months male
Queen Elizabeth/770.16(Maxed) (#255180) Great Dane 139.03 months female
Cowboy/772.56(Maxed) (#255177) Great Dane 138.45 months male
Dipped and Chipped/178.80(Maxed) (#255597) Great Dane 140.85 months male
Sailing Winds/683.20(Maxed) (#256178) Great Dane 127.60 months male
Heartburn/187.60[S](Maxed) (#256167) Great Dane 117.84 months female
Luminescence/484.20(Maxed) (#256194) Great Dane 118.41 months female
Paws of Hazard/611.28(Maxed) (#256381) Great Dane 125.61 months female
Top Gun/431.76(Maxed) (#256551) Great Dane 115.59 months male
Consort/386.98(Maxed) (#256669) Great Dane 120.81 months male
Heartbreaker/657.60(Maxed) (#256789) Great Dane 132.54 months female
Charcoal Smores/456.80 (#259656) Great Dane 102.42 months female
Brindled Grace/199.44(Maxed) (#258060) Great Dane 117.84 months female
Witchcraft/390.83(Maxed) (#259194) Great Dane 115.11 months female
Moaning Myrtle/390.83(Maxed) (#259192) Great Dane 111.72 months female
Harry Potter/391.93(Maxed) (#259195) Great Dane 111.72 months male
Military Man/469.20(Maxed) (#260059) Great Dane 92.46 months male
Mocha's Paradise/272.00(Maxed)© (#260351) Great Dane 104.07 months female
Scatterbrain/278.40(Maxed) (#261227) Great Dane 83.73 months male
Radiator/283.40(Maxed) (#261230) Great Dane 83.73 months female
Jestia/0.00(Maxed) (#255573) Papillon 141.03 months female
Bittle/162.00(Maxed) (#257005) Papillon 129.87 months male
Peach Cobbler/152.00(Maxed) (#5680) Pembroke Welsh Corgi 39.78 months female
Impossible Girl/152.00(Maxed) (#257189) Pembroke Welsh Corgi 125.43 months female
Timelord/152.00(Maxed) (#257186) Pembroke Welsh Corgi 125.43 months male
Wild Marroon/935.49(Maxed) (#174888) Shetland Sheepdog 119.08 months female
Le Skull/892.42(Maxed) (#178690) Shetland Sheepdog 124.41 months female
Queen of the Nile/557.64(Maxed) (#251702) Shetland Sheepdog 152.88 months female
Joker Jr./524.88(Maxed) (#255247) Shetland Sheepdog 140.46 months male
Zebra/526.21(Maxed) (#249289) Shiba Inu 127.47 months female
Ginny/0.00(Maxed) (#257159) Shiba Inu 122.22 months female
Zebra/8999.91(Maxed)® (#145385) Siberian Husky 393.32 months male
Firefly/746.76(Maxed) (#164207) Siberian Husky 90.86 months female
Aurora/499.41(Maxed) (#168016) Siberian Husky 138.15 months female
Misfit Wolf/832.80(Maxed) (#175854) Siberian Husky 122.03 months male
Demoniacal Atmosphere/490.50(Maxed) (#178783) Siberian Husky 178.20 months female
Moody Memories/485.80(Maxed) (#182687) Siberian Husky 232.57 months female
Grape Seed Topping/1029.47(Maxed) (#186604) Siberian Husky 171.81 months female
Moodicolas/811.23(Maxed) (#191873) Siberian Husky 166.92 months female
Stalker/829.85(Maxed){Frozen} (#200762) Siberian Husky 154.98 months female
Hell Mary/277.50(Maxed) (#205566) Siberian Husky 268.71 months female
Sacrificial Lamb/413.79(Maxed) (#216834) Siberian Husky 146.10 months female
Ghost Eyes/1181.76(Maxed) (#218336) Siberian Husky 221.28 months female
Shadow of a Man/1180.56(Maxed) (#218306) Siberian Husky 221.28 months female
Hallow/635.29(Maxed) (#219457) Siberian Husky 219.48 months female
Striped Bansee/638.89(Maxed){Frozen} (#219467) Siberian Husky 218.40 months female
Cujo/646.09(Maxed) (#219469) Siberian Husky 215.73 months female
Point of View/364.78(Maxed) (#223065) Siberian Husky 72.36 months female
Keikami - The Angel/342.10(Maxed) (#229207) Siberian Husky 215.97 months female
Ying-Yang/0.00(Maxed){Frozen} (#229787) Siberian Husky 209.01 months female
Jesse/201.20(Maxed) (#232787) Siberian Husky 191.49 months female
Grey Back/208.20(Maxed) (#232786) Siberian Husky 197.64 months female
Tokyo Spirit/394.45(Maxed){Frozen} (#235956) Siberian Husky 174.84 months female
Soul Mate/1684.41(Maxed){Frozen} (#237022) Siberian Husky 164.59 months female
Ice Queen/524.77(Maxed) (#237089) Siberian Husky 160.62 months female
Midnight Queen/1519.92(Maxed) (#238559) Siberian Husky 156.66 months female
Skin Eater/736.80[S](Maxed){Frozen} (#239046) Siberian Husky 128.94 months female
Greenery Misstep/506.04(Maxed) (#241386) Siberian Husky 144.27 months female
Accidental Superhero/423.49(Maxed) (#242718) Siberian Husky 136.62 months female
Hidden Memory/697.83(Maxed) (#243351) Siberian Husky 127.38 months female
Santitas/732.80(Maxed) (#244273) Siberian Husky 107.40 months female
Polly Ann/164.00(Maxed) (#244374) Siberian Husky 118.71 months female
Moody Rain/30.80(Maxed) (#245734) Siberian Husky 108.15 months female
Moody Jaxzy/36.80(Maxed) (#245731) Siberian Husky 108.15 months female
Brownie/9.00(Maxed) (#245990) Siberian Husky 59.85 months female
Ghost of the Savaan/958.30(Maxed) (#247355) Siberian Husky 90.12 months female
Emerald/948.60(Maxed) (#247485) Siberian Husky 86.94 months female
Aqua/945.00(Maxed) (#247486) Siberian Husky 86.91 months female
Miss Potts/415.79(Maxed) (#251072) Siberian Husky 50.37 months female
Ghost Ship/255.68(Maxed) (#253205) Siberian Husky 120.15 months female
Moody of Many Colors/260.68(Maxed) (#253204) Siberian Husky 157.71 months male
Every Rose Has A Thorn/696.27(Maxed) (#254793) Siberian Husky 29.70 months male
Stag/398.40(Maxed) (#255045) Siberian Husky 107.96 months female
My CAs:
Equipment Dogs:
Trial Dogs:
For Sale:
Untrained Dogs:

Account Type: basic

User Records - [ x view more ]
08-1-2022 11:57 PM : Your dog Grey Back/208.20(Maxed) and its companion the Confused Stork brought you a(n) Chicken Kibble.
08-1-2022 11:57 PM : Your dog Dot/1248.65(Maxed){Frozen} and its companion the Confused Stork brought you a(n) Yellow Bows.
08-1-2022 11:57 PM : Your dog Heartbreaker/657.60(Maxed) and its companion Baby Griffin brought you a(n) Dead Toad.
08-1-2022 11:57 PM : Your dog Queen Elizabeth/770.16(Maxed) and its companion Baby Griffin brought you a(n) Bright Rainbow.
08-1-2022 11:57 PM : Your dog Cowboy/772.56(Maxed) and its companion Baby Griffin brought you a(n) Chocolate Bunny.
08-1-2022 11:57 PM : Your dog Reality Check/425.76(Maxed) and its companion Baby Griffin brought you a(n) Red Harness.
08-1-2022 11:57 PM : Received a Shop Reader for owning a merchant perk.
07-15-2022 11:57 PM : Your dog Grey Back/208.20(Maxed) and its companion the Confused Stork brought you a(n) Bristle Brush.
07-15-2022 11:57 PM : Your dog Dot/1248.65(Maxed){Frozen} and its companion the Confused Stork brought you a(n) Clouds Background.
07-15-2022 11:57 PM : Your dog Heartbreaker/657.60(Maxed) and its companion Baby Griffin brought you a(n) Starry Night Sky Background.
07-15-2022 11:57 PM : Your dog Cowboy/772.56(Maxed) and its companion Baby Griffin brought you a(n) Soapy Bath Tub.
07-15-2022 11:57 PM : Your dog Queen Elizabeth/770.16(Maxed) and its companion Baby Griffin brought you a(n) Tyrannosaurus Rex Toy.
07-15-2022 11:57 PM : Your dog Reality Check/425.76(Maxed) and its companion Baby Griffin brought you a(n) Raw Chicken.
07-15-2022 11:57 PM : Received a Shop Reader for owning a merchant perk.
07-1-2022 11:57 PM : Your dog Grey Back/208.20(Maxed) and its companion the Confused Stork brought you a(n) Dead Toad.

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