I can make copies of CA's not in the shop:

Cthulhu is 13 bones.

Olli is 6 bones, Tikky gets a commission of 1 bone per copy.

Trinket is 8 bones.

Message me if none are in here, I'll reserve one for you of my next order!!

**Larth #8598 gets commission from Trinket Sales. Number of Trinket's currently in shop I owe her for when sold: 2**

NOTE: Olli the Octopus currently only works for GSDs, he will work for all breeds in the future.

ZJ's Shop

Protective headgear against bees, now that the flowers have come out.
Beekeeper Hat
1 uses left
A fragile work of art, trapped expertly within a clear bottle.
Bottled Mayflower
1 uses left
A tasty, fluffy carnival treat!
Cotton Candy
Oooh, scary. Halloween of 2010!
Creepy Jack-o-Lantern
1 uses left
4 stacked

A collectible flag.
Dutch Flag
1 uses left
A misty mountain scene
Eerie Mountain
1 uses left
2 stacked

This long eared friend ensures maximum litter amounts for your dogs. Must be equipped to female BEFORE accepting stud request, will not work if equipped after female is pregnant.
Lilac Rabbit
1 uses left
A festive hat for the new year. 2011
New Year Hat
1 uses left
A companion you just cannot stop snuggling! +2 Mood every 30 minutes
Pastel Chinchilla
1 uses left
A companion you just cannot stop snuggling! +2 Mood every 30 minutes
Pink White Chinchilla
1 uses left
Creepy, Halloween of 2010.
1 uses left
Strange Jack-o-Lantern
1 uses left
3 stacked

The mechanical bird emits a soft flow of steam as it walks gracefully toward your dog.
Strutting Ibis
1 uses left



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