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Alacrity is an agility dog sim focused on breeding dogs with specific markings and coats while excelling in agility at the same time. Targeted on agility dog breeds. Focus training on specific agility objects and enter trials that feature items your dog excels in. Accessorize your dog with unlimited items, and put them inside a living room with backgrounds or give them a companion to keep them company! Your dogs only live each day you login. So don't worry if you miss a day!

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voting patch fix

Posted by

Sin Vraal
(#18687) on Sep 28, 2023
I've setup a voting fix for now.

you should now be able to vote and get credit!

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It’s not a great fix to be honest, but it will work until I get a reply on top web. I will see about getting other voting sites too
Posted on 09-28-2023 at 5:45 PM

I honestly can't remember a time when I DID get credit for voting, so THANK YOU for taking the time to fix it.
It was a "oh well" thing, but awesome to have it fixed!
Posted on 09-28-2023 at 2:48 PM

back end transition beginning tomorrow!

Posted by

Sin Vraal
(#18687) on Sep 24, 2023
alright, finally chewed through the backend framework, and a simple management tool for them to watch logs and such

I'll start cutting over tomorrow

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backend service is live. I am in the progress of cutting over each new part
Posted on 09-25-2023 at 10:02 AM

Need a day on updates.

Posted by

Sin Vraal
(#18687) on Sep 21, 2023
Lost entire day so far n internet outage. Backend changes start after I get stable network

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night mare stuff is over with.

have a reasonably solid base now to test while cutting over the legacy backend to the new backend

now that the framework is done, I can actually get back to making alacrity work!
Posted on 09-23-2023 at 10:55 AM

ok! internet came back in middle of night!

so I outlined all the remaining parts. broad strokes of the code are cleaned up, I will start moving over parts tomorrow.

Posted on 09-21-2023 at 11:16 AM



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