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Alacrity is an agility dog sim focused on breeding dogs with specific markings and coats while excelling in agility at the same time. Targeted on agility dog breeds. Focus training on specific agility objects and enter trials that feature items your dog excels in. Accessorize your dog with unlimited items, and put them inside a living room with backgrounds or give them a companion to keep them company! Your dogs only live each day you login. So don't worry if you miss a day!

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custom dogs update

Posted by Sin Vraal (#18687) on Dec 08, 2022
custom dogs v2 is almost ready to go. I'll be placing it live after I pretty it up a little.

much of the work being done is trying to unwind the rather poor design.

Part of the problem is the dogs database itself,
it has 122 columns, which makes it incredibly slow ( as you know!)

the next problem lies in the way the data itself is stored.

it stores file names, instead of IDs.

this means files cannot be easily updated, moved around, means for poor readability, etc.

the custom tool itself was also unfinished (as far as I can tell), and parts of the old code contained both server security flaws and bugs in dog generation!

anyhow. most of that is fixed.

one thing that I have to do as an adjunct to custom dogs, is the kennel

preview pics have no way to be easily redrawn to handle errors. and additionally, I'd like to store things like the type of coat, markings ,etc, as opposed to the file itself.

1: there needs to be a dog renderer, which can take file names, OR ids.

2: the image preview should be regenerated from the database from time to time.

after all this is done, the tool itself will still need a remodel at a later date, but I'm unable to make significant database changes until all the remaining alacrity code base has been unwound and cleaned up, so I have a solid idea of what programs use what databases etc.

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New mobile LIVE

Posted by Sin Vraal (#18687) on Dec 04, 2022

Login / signup now work better on mobile

Mobile / desktop layouts have been merged

Now supported:
-Socialize tab mostly
-All features missing from mobile now work in mobile.
-maps are now responsive and fit properly to screen

Not all pages have been converted yet, and will have display issues.

To see desktop style view, tilt your phone sideways and you can see the desktop version. Tilt back upright to switch back to mobile

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Sin Vraal
Took the whole day. I hack fixed a safari iOS bug with 1 little line of code.

Top nav should now close properly
Posted on 12-6-2022 at 12:48 PM
Sin Vraal

forums no longer stink on mobile!

Posted on 12-6-2022 at 7:33 AM

display issues

Posted by Sin Vraal (#18687) on Dec 04, 2022
working on head/footer/ page design
strange things may be afoot. if a problem persists more than a few hours, notify me in chat!

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