A fluffy white friend for your dog. +5 Energy every 30 minutes
Arctic Fox
you own: 0.
A very special companion that arrived on Alacrity's 1st birthday. Every other week provides a free random gift to the owner.
Baby Griffin
you own: 0.
This winged equine sheds a single feather once per day, worth $500!
White Pegasus Foal
you own: 0.
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Sir FLUuFFFFEH Pah the kitsune
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You got it. :)
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currently: If I never get to see the Northern Lights at Night.

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Side account:
What am I doing?
If you buy a dog from me, please do not sell it to the pound or retire it. Let me buy it back.
Adopt one today!.
I prefer messages to wall scribbles, though any and all messages are welcomes.

Instagram My puppies Instagram XD. All the pictures of her and all my animals.

Thanks so much for ordering :)



Currently looking for a trainer.

I am looking for a trainer at the moment to train my dogs. Please message me your rates and I'll be happy to accommodate you. If you would like me to pay in bones I would gladly do that for you.

People like me!!



Prices and Breeds

I currently breed German Shepherds, both glitch and natural. Great Danes, currently only Natural, and lastly Shiba Inus both glitch and natural.

My dogs will only be breed with other maxed dogs.


Great Dane:
Natural: 3000

German Shepherd:
Glitch: 4000
Natural: 3000

Glitch: 3000
Natural: 3500

Please message me if you would like me to breed a dog pair


My wishlist extended

I am currently looking for any ice age pets, mainly the dire wolf cub, I am also looking for the griffin and the confused stork. I would love to buy a black Pegasus foal or unicorn foal. All of these items I am willing to pay in bones or Usd for them.

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Toldar (#397321) Great Dane 16.15 months male
Bobby (#398223) Great Dane 13.23 months male
Corsan (#398626) Shiba Inu 8.79 months male
Earth Puppy (#398137) Shiba Inu 13.98 months female
Billy (#398225) Great Dane 13.23 months male
Reasis (#398425) Borzoi 11.64 months male
Revelia (#398446) German Shepherd 11.40 months female
Bria (#398415) German Shepherd 11.64 months female
Blue (#398461) Great Dane 11.40 months female
Salazar (#398411) German Shepherd 11.64 months male
Curs and Pits:
Borzoi Breeding:
. Extra Pup . :
. Shiba Inu .:
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