Change a dog's gender and make a desexed dog able to breed again with this magical biscuit.
Magical Dog Biscuit
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A fluffy white friend for your dog. +5 Energy every 30 minutes
Arctic Fox
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Custom by #66: Art by #11549, recolored by #66 with permission.
Dappled Piebald Gypsy Vanner
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Hail To Zacky V

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Snoweh ♥ [Gone Gone Gone]
Wild. <333333333333
And thanks, I'll need it. ;;
Welcome to WildOracle (#1383)'s profile.
currently: So many dogs >.> *Glares at side account*

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Side account:
WildOracle's Side
What am I doing?

MDBs needed = 12

Where do you want to find me other than Ala?
Howrse - S.V.H.
Felisfire - WildOracle
Lioden - WildOracle
DeviantArt - WildOracle

Dogs in training for other players: (Closed for now)
Price is 4x TP + extra for companions, ect...

Waiting list

Breeding notes

Shadow Rayne *Husky Breeder* (#11367) - Akira

CA`s for other players:
Playful Kitty - Shunky (#6200)
White Rearing Percheron - The AlaPoker (#11694)
Leopard - Warrior
Fox - Nelly

CA Repairs:

TP Records
German Shepherd:
1. Rumour Has It (TP: 8999.9)
2. Hesitation (TP: 3504.64)
3. Optimal (TP: 3483.04)
1. Fanindra + Alexandrite (TP: 2067.83)
2. Anedra (TP: 2065.63)
3. Ferris (TP:2063.43)
Jack Russell Terrier:
1. Temperature (TP: 895.06)
2. Magical Temptation (TP: 890.26)
3. Dusted With Envy (TP: 887.86)
1. Regal Gem (TP: 1372.50)
2. Sapphire Crown (TP: 1371.40)
3. Garnet (TP: 1369.20)
Border Collie:
1. Riction (TP: 3885.20)
2. Running Decision (TP: 3881.60)
3. Rounded Decree (TP: 3879.20)
Australian Shepherd:
1. Parimi (TP:6123.11)
2. Mufasa (TP: 927.69)
3. Mirtle (TP: 922.89) + Koko (TP: 922.89)
Pembroke Welsh Corgi:
1. Endless Wait (TP: 3311.48)
2. Banjo (TP: 753.86)
3. Bass + Drumming Song (TP: 745.46)
Shetland Sheepdog:
1. Colosseum (TP: 1318.95)
2. Wraithful Colasy (TP: 1317.75)
3. Gaelic Storm (TP: 1314.15)
Siberian Husky:
1. Quotient (TP: 3298.19)
2. Flourine (TP: 812.34)
3. Memories (TP: 811.14)
American Pitbull Terrier:
1. Free Falling (TP: 800.18)
2. Warlord (TP: 749.45)
3. Outlaw's View (TP: 678.73)
Catahoula Cur:
1. Meadow Lark (TP: 1170.32)
2. Requiem Of A Dream (TP: 806.85)
3. Purity (TP: 712.62)
Shiba Inu:
1. Kamakaize (TP: 691.98)
2. Surabi (TP: 540.21)
3. Kyoto Star (TP: 332.00)

Signs and Codes for the kennel!
Anything in front of the dog's name indicates the training status, whether the dog is fixed, pregnant or if the dog has been bred before by me.
Φ = Never been bred by me (most likely never has been bred)
β = Pregnant
ϖ = Skills training
δ = Basic Training
μ = Untrained
Ϫ = Spayed/Neutered
Nothing means the dog is maxed and has been bred by me!
Anything after the dog's name indicates the lineage of the stock parents in my kennels so I know who is related to whom.
[ϔ] = Mother or father not from my kennel ex: [Љ x ϔ]
[Ϣ] = Wolfheart
[Љ] = Bella

Maxed Studs for Stud!!! All $500 Look in my Maxed kennel :) All my maxed dogs are there! Every breed! Naturals, Glitches and Ghosts:)
Females must be maxed!!!! Females can be requested for breeding but the males must also be maxed!!!

***My older dogs do die but they can be resurrected if anyone wishes to breed to them as they are all maxed and I often resurrect a bunch of them myself:P

Featured Stud: Macbeth

My Fursona Mystery :D

My custom accessories (Copies can be ordered):

American Saddlebred

Custom Accessories done for other players:
Rearing Wild Stallion - Jazzy (#13065)

PartyPuppiez:) <333333

Art done by other players for me 8D

This was done by Larthy <3
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Clawsie (#253) <3
Saluna <3

CA's to buy (if I'm lucky XD):
Gypsy Vanner
Ferra Nova
Leaf Dragon
Plague Raptor Attack
Rott`n Puppy
Ruby the Pug
Ghost Stallion
Anything by Hel or Xy and Maggs
displaying the first 10 unkenneled dogs...
Dogs Put Down: 0 | Dogs Died In Care: 260 | Training Sessions: 748
Dogs in "WildOracle Kennels"
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Preview Name Breed Age Gender
Newborn Puppy (#434294) Papillon 12.09 months female
Newborn Puppy (TP 478) (#434241) Papillon 13.02 months female
Dogs in training or boarding for other players:
Basic Training:
In Training:
Maxed Dogs (Trailaers & Breeders):


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