Watch your dog whiz around after he eats this stuff. -5 Hunger, +10 Energy, +5 Health, +0.01 Speed
Speed Unlmtd. Chow
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A beautiful Chinese adornment from the Cherry Blossom Tree.
Amethyst Cherry Blossom Collar
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Some precious puppies will keep your dog busy!
Pit Bull Puppies
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(07-4-2015 at 8:17 PM)
Iditarod Kennels
Sorry I can't keep Gabe anymore. So I'm sending him back.
(06-17-2015 at 1:00 PM)

Ang3l In Wond3rland


Does this pup have glitched white eyes??
(04-29-2015 at 11:39 AM)


Pretty good, I love your dogs!
Welcome to PitBullLover45 (#36232)'s profile.
currently: playing Alacrity!

Last Seen: 11:54 AM on 08-21-2015, played for 129 days

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Preview Name Breed Age Gender
Tiger (#285811) American Pit Bull Terrier 95.25 months male
Angel (#286802) American Pit Bull Terrier 89.28 months female
Coco (#288125) American Pit Bull Terrier 85.65 months female
Hunter (#288862) American Pit Bull Terrier 81.93 months male
Bella (#289577) American Pit Bull Terrier 76.95 months female
Max (#289893) American Pit Bull Terrier 74.64 months male
Red (#289891) American Pit Bull Terrier 74.64 months female
Buddy (#291323) American Pit Bull Terrier 64.02 months male
Brownie (#293661) American Pit Bull Terrier 50.85 months male
Ace (#296588) American Pit Bull Terrier 22.95 months male


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