Yummy, let's just hope your dog doesn't eat this!
Candy Corn Plush
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The ghost of the oldest breed on Alacrity haunts your kennel!
Ghost Dog
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A cute Halloween stamp for your dog!
Candy Corn Fur Stamp
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(11-13-2023 at 12:15 PM)


I can't believe I missed you in May. I came back in July.. If you come lurking again, I hope you stop by. You're missed.
(07-29-2022 at 5:57 PM)
I sent you some SC you can keep them I have to many anyway enjoy! :)
(06-28-2022 at 10:37 AM)


hehe <3
Welcome to Alcemistnv [567 candy corns] (#3906)'s profile.
currently: ///158 Ghost Dogs

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Side account:
What am I doing?
I loved spending time on ala and meeting so many new people. I love you all and these last two years really were amazing. From starting out and becoming good friends with an admin, to becoming a newbie helper, to having the famous hoarder dog, to having over 200 candy corns, and then having capped pits, the expereince was truly amazing and I can't imagine never joining ala in the first place.

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Dogs in "Corgehs, pits and huskies, oh my!"
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Preview Name Breed Age Gender
Whatchamacallit 114 items so far (#16198) Australian Shepherd 736.42 months male
*^ Carob (#20928) Shetland Sheepdog 598.26 months female
Noctis Lucis Caelum [CM] (#33324) Pembroke Welsh Corgi 999.99 months male
$$ neliel tu oderschvank [CM]♫ (#59978) Pembroke Welsh Corgi 958.86 months female
Gypsy [CM] (#66729) Pembroke Welsh Corgi 928.90 months male
Alcyone(TP 1229.25){#5} (#68216) Australian Shepherd 116.55 months female
Whatchamajig [225 candy corns!] (#86306) Australian Shepherd 595.99 months female
Amethyst (#121546) Pembroke Welsh Corgi 634.28 months female
Muddy Paws (#111617) Catahoula Cur 757.77 months female
My Jazzy Valentine ♥ (#119419) Pembroke Welsh Corgi 726.01 months female


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