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Lovely Real Life Babies (Post your own!) in Prized Pups

illusions of dreaming

(08-11-2012 at 2:45 AM)

Here at Prized Pups forum category, we have many threads to show off our collections of many kinds...
We have customs, ghosts, low IDs and glitched collections...
So what are we missing?

That's right! we're missing a thread for our real life LOVELY pets!

Now before moving on, let me warn you of Forum Rule number two!
2) Images posted in a thread should not stretch the page.
Therefore "if a picture is larger than the page, the image should be resized or a link should used. "

Keep that in mind and you'll be fine!

~ ❤ ❤ ❤ ~

What you can do here!

• Admire beautiful pets
• Learn more about different pets
• Present and be proud of your babies
• Discuss and give advice
• Have fun!

~ ❤ ❤ ❤ ~

Presenting your pets!
Let's all do this in a nice and organized fashion shall we? C':
Here on this thread we'd love to learn more about YOUR pets!

Here's a basic posting format!

Name of Pet

This is only the basic skeleton of how you present your pets! Feel free to add more or take things away as you see fit! Remember forum rule number 2! Images posted in a thread should not stretch the page!
Recommended size for this thread would be: Width 476, Height 316 pixels

~ ❤ ❤ ❤ ~

Illu's Pet!

Name: Shushi
Gender: Female
Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Age: 4 years old (2012)
Color: Salt and pepper
Interesting Facts:
• Originally her coat was pure black and white, through the years it kind of faded O.O
• Favorite toy is a squeaky horse toy (poor thing...)
• Deathly scared of boxes
• Worships my dad
• Won't do tricks until she sees treats OTL
About: Shushi was bought in 2008 as a four month old puppy, about the size of her small donut toy! We were very excited as she would be our very first dog companion ever *U* Few weeks later she was diagnosed with a serious sickness and went into operation. Luckily she survived C': she's as healthy and happy as ever now!

Shushi, like all Schnauzers, is very, very smart. But smart in a sneaky way, she knows we can't resist her eyes and always uses them to woo my father into treating her with food xD When we're not around she claims the couches and leaps onto tables to steal leftover food. She's very lazy and spends most of the day lying in her bed and staring at us. The stubborn dog also refuses to learn any more tricks, therefore only knows how to give a paw, high-five, dance and lie down. Despite her lazy personality, she's a very gentle and kind dog (only to humans though...) and will always hold a special place in my heart C':

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Danish Quality (#41687)
(11-20-2016 at 7:29 AM)</img>

Name: Aika
Gender: Female
Breed: Rough Collie
Age: 2 years in january 2017.
Color: Zobel
Interesting Facts: For some reason she is scared of wooden floors :P</img>

Name: Kate
Gender: Female
Breed: Holland Lop
Age: almost 1.
Interesting Facts: She is a free roaming rabbit. Right now she lives in the house with the rest of us, but when the weather gets warmer she is going to have the garden to jump around in :)

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♥Sweetpea♥ (#26937)
(12-29-2013 at 5:44 PM)

Who giant images. I'll post different ones soon!

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❤Atka---Ala's Velociraptor (#19811)
(08-20-2013 at 10:27 AM)

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❤Atka (Sadie or Mao Cat) (#19811)
(08-12-2013 at 1:09 PM)

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PitBull (OTEK Main Breeding and Training) (#14586)
(08-11-2013 at 3:44 PM)

Most of my pets are on my DeviantArt account, DisturbingFrequency. :) I have 32, lol.

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ShiNya (#2561)

(06-22-2013 at 10:45 AM)

Name: Kuro; A.K.A. Nyako, Nyako-sama, Nya-sama
Gender: Female
Age: 16 or 17 years
Color: Black, white came with age
Interesting Facts: She was the runt of the litter, she is afraid of living fish, and will not go outside even if the door is left open.
About: I consider her a sibling, not a pet, as I grew up with her. She was born in Hawaii, but currently resides in the continental U.S. She's the only "cat" that I would be willing to die of allergies for if I had to, because I adore her just that much. (>w<)b

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Daybreak (#19265)

(04-21-2013 at 9:22 AM)

Name of Pet: Juniper -as in the blue berry. When we got her from the shelter, she was named Zion.
Gender: Female, and while she's under two years old, she's already had a litter of puppies before we got her.
Breed: Her adoption papers say terrier mix, but we all know what that stands for. She's pitbull and some type of recessive retriever. (I doubt it's a golden or lab, because they tend to be more dominate with features) She does have webbed feet (Hence my retriever assumption)
About her: When we got her, she already knew how to sit and shake, but it wasn't taught with a clicker, so being the obsessive trainer I am, it's been a challenge getting her to do anything with a clicker. >.< Right now, because we just got her in February of 2013 (Not long ago) I wanted to strengthen her basic commands before we move onto anything more challenging. She know sit, and will sit if I tell her to, down's been the challenging on. Occasionally she'll lay down if I tell her to, but for the most part, I have to actually get down and signal her. June'll walk by my side if she's wearing her prong collar and we're working to get rid of it with a martingale, but we're not quite there yet. People that come into the house and see me working with her are somewhat amazing when she goes from being the most obedient dog inside that walks forwards and backwards at my side to a dog that couldn't care less outside. We just got to the point where she'll actually sit when I tell her to outside, and that's very rare for her to do when there's distractions. She's a pit, so people tend to cross the road if they have children or other dogs, but she's not dog aggressive. At all. In fact, the other day, I was at the park with her, and after a long day, she met up with a husky friend (who was 13 and didn't really want to play) and just sniffed her, tried to play, and walked away. That same day, there was a weimaraner off leash with a schutzhund trainer nearby and I was coming out of a heavily wooded path and didn't really see him in time to stand clear, but he called his dog to his side and put a leash on, and we talked for a moment and slowly let the dogs meet and his dog just flipped out and started growling and snapping and she just shrugged it off calmly and walked on, leaving him embarrased that his dog snapped like that. I was laughing because there was a couple that was walking with him with a golden and once they saw his dog snap, the started walking the other way. XD She's loves the park, she loves the water (as long as she doesn't have to swim or get a bath, she loves to dig, she enjoys her tug rope, and absolutely loves tennis balls. And something that I just discovered, she goes nuts for kites. Even if she can't reach them, because she's got such strong legs, she can jump +7 ft over and over trying to get at a kite.

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12tallyhO12 (shetland breeder) (#26726)
(12-13-2012 at 1:26 AM)

Name of Pet~Tally
Breed~Jack Russell Terrier
Age~ 3 years, three months, 2 days, add or take a few hours
Interesting facts~ She always raises her right back leg going down the stairs cause as a puppy before we got her (she was 6 months when I got her) She broke that leg and was in a cast for a month or two. Also she has the weirdest growl if you aggravate her
Others~ She always listens, until we need her too...

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Clari99 (#27179)
(11-26-2012 at 3:48 AM)

Name: Poppet or Puppy

Gender: Female

Breed: Yorkshire terrier X Lhasa apso

Age: 1 year 6 months

Color; Silvers and light tan with a black tail but she used to be black and tan as you can see in the pictures

Interesting Facts: She knows Sit lay down and roll over, wait, heel, come jump and attack

About: Puppy is our 3rd dog, she is boistrious but also very cuddly and loves to sleep under the duvet.

Name; Oliver aka Oli Olive Oyee

Gender; Female

Breed; not sure she was a rescue cat

Age; 15 years

Colour; Calico, brown white and black

About; She's a grumpy old cat who hates being waken up and loves attention

Sorry about all the pics!

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The Leah Bear!
(11-23-2012 at 9:14 AM)

Sorry if this is huge, I don't mean for the pic to be!

Name: The Great Rambino, aka Rambo.
Gender: Male.
Breed: Pitbull Mix x Whippet
Age: Just over a year.
Color: Orange, White, Brown. I say orange because he looks a lot different in person than in pictures, he honestly has a very noticeable orange tint to him. But if you don't like that i'd say tawny/brown. :P

Interesting Facts:
-Knows a lot of commands! Sit, lay down, up, stay, be gentle, shake, pound it, off, up, don't jump, don't bark, leave it, no. There are a few others but those aren't really important. :P
-HATES HATES HATES the vet. With a fiery passion.
-Has trouble with barking and jumping on people, but is getting a lot better.
-Recently started being a very bad dog, jumping over the back yard fence and not coming back when called. Worrisome because we live right next to a busy rode, so now we just tie him out front if he needs to go potty.
-Was the fattest of his siblings!
-Loves squeaky toys the most, but also loves to play fetch.

Got him for free from a guy down the road, he was covered in fleas and had no shots and still had puppy worms. :( A few of his siblings got taken to the pound and I grabbed him before he could get taken. He was the largest of his litter and the only one with white, he looked absolutely nothing like them so I wish I had saved his number to figure out if he knew where some of them went.

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