Movement Sim - A horse sim
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Hello you guys!
Just wanted to let more people know that a horse sim under development is now open for public registrations.

"Movement is an online horse game featuring revolutionary breed specific horse artwork and real life genetics, with familiar elements from classic horse sim games. With thirty three million possible coat, marking, eye color and pattern combinations, your horses will truly shine as individuals."

Does this seem like an interesting game to you? Check it out by clicking on the banner below! It can't hurt to try it out for free, right?
And if you ever need help, feel free to message me on account #11 :)

The art in the game looks lovely, but remember the game is still in development so alot of bugs and etc appears. But it is playable :)

The current breeds are:
American Quarter Horses
American Warmbloods

02-14-2022 at 2:01 AM
Yup, project was abandoned. We don't know why sadly.

02-14-2022 at 1:27 AM
I'm going to guess this game was abandoned. I tried looking for it and only found the indiegogo page that said the campaign was closed, and none of the links on facebook worked either.



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