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Hello and Welcome to Alacrity!

Although we have chat to get to know each other, we know not everyone enjoys chat.

So come say hello and tell us a little bit about yourself!

My name is ZJ and my favorite breed on this site is the Shiba Inu, followed closely by the German Shepherd and the Border Collie. I have a dog in real life named Scamp and my current goal on site is to make a new FAQ for new players. :3

Tell us about yourself?

04-11-2014 at 4:28 PM
Hello :) I'm SweetFlower. I own five cats and one dog, a pitbull rhodesian/ridgeback mix (in real life). I don't really have a whole lot to say, except that I love to have fun :)

04-8-2014 at 8:50 AM
I go by Bea, BananaBea, EvieRat or BeaEmily on most sites, But my real name is Emily :3 I'm 17, I love punk, punk rock, metalcore and pop-punk, tattoos, piercings, and animals, I have 2 dogs, 1 cat and 8 rats, I love the color black, And I'm obsessed with bands and youtube ;D

03-27-2014 at 6:03 PM
Hi everyone. I'm Kookiez, but you all can call me whatever you would like, because I don't really mind. I absolutely love all animals, even the creepy ones! Most of all, I love my irl pets Fribble (Shetland Sheepdog male) and Bubbles (Dark blue and red Beta male). R.I.P. to my deceased pets: Max (Black Lab male, died of full-body cancer and had to be put down) and Shadow (Black, purple, and blue Beta male, died of old age).<br /> My current pets on here are Aleksander (Male Stud Siberian Husky), Kalia (Female Great Dane), and Kailtyn (Female German Shepherd). I am always looking for new members to the family. &lt;3

03-26-2014 at 10:53 AM
I was looking for an Intro thread and so glad I found this place. w00t.<br /> <br /> Hey, I go by Carry over the internet, easiest that way. I love coffee, the color orange, goats, and surfing the web.<br /> <br /> Just joined a few days ago and wasn't sure what to do at first but now I plan to just focus on one Dane to max them out. weeee.

03-19-2014 at 6:27 PM
Hello everyone! I'm MoonWolf (Laura in real life) and I just found this site off a link from a chickensmoothie signature. I'm a pre-vet student studying animal biology. I worked at an animal shelter on the medical team while I was in high school but the shelter closed and I was hired as a kennel attendant for a vet clinic that I interned at. I know vet medicine is my calling (even though I almost fainted watching my first surgery) and I'm determined to become a veterinarian.<br /> I love to draw, swim, read, go hiking, and just be outside.<br /> I have 3 dogs, 2 cats, and a beta fish. Bandit is my 12 year old German shepherd/ husky mix and he is my best friend. He's been with me since I was 6 and he once saved me from a very angry buck. He's a very clever boy but he's had a few run ins with the law when he and his mate, a wolf dog belonging to the neighbors, went after another neighbors goats. Thank goodness they called animal control instead of doing what most livestock owners would do. So now he's back at home and he's calmed down in his old age.<br /> Jack is my old chow/ German shepherd mix that we inherited when a family friend passed away. He was very skittish and un-trusting so one would take him but he's turned into a great family dog. He 'smiles' and bares the teeth on the left side of his face when you first come home but he still never trusts me when I wear a skirt (for some reason...). <br /> Cruz is a pure bred miniature poodle.and he's a brat (courtesy of my parents) but he's very intelligent and loving.<br /> I have a black female cat named Mushu, who is a complete spoiled brat, and an orange tabby male Arrowhead, who is my baby. I got them both as kittens from the shelter I worked at.<br /> And not to forget my little beta, Spike! He seems to be a runt but he's the most aggressive beta I've had.<br /> Anyways this seems like a really cool site and I hope I can get a hang of it soon!

03-18-2014 at 11:15 AM
hi name is Dave in real life but preacherman here on this game, in real life i'm a dog trainer -self-employed lol so when i was looking for games to play i seen this one decided to give it a try and here i am!! lol

02-25-2014 at 7:46 AM
Hello everyone!<br /> <br /> I'm Ellieplier and how you already guessed, my name is Ellie. I recently joined this site and I love it so far! My favorite things are watching my lovely youtubers, drawing, reading books, playing video games and taking care of my dog. She's 5year old a Miniature Pinscher called Bee. She's very sweet and loyal :3 <br /> <br /> I'm happy I've found this place, but I feel a bit lonely, because I don't know anyone here :c Maybe a message or two? To have a friend is always awesome. ^^

02-22-2014 at 4:17 PM
I am Baka Chan,<br /> It's a pleasure to meet everyone.<br /> <br /> I have had this account since 2011, but completely forgot about it, I haven't even passed my ten day mark. o:<br /> <br /> Well, I decided to drop a message and let everyone know that they could drop me a message if they'd like to do so. c:
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02-7-2014 at 1:20 PM
~Greetings~<br /> <br /> I am Legolas~Panther~Tiger, as you see, I am rather new and am ready to see this awesome Sim with my eyes. I love sims and I find them relaxing and fun, and always learn something new from them. To be honest, I'm the type that's very curious and full of questions. I will be in all eagerness to keep out of any trouble, and can't wait to explore and breed the many doggies that are here. I also like getting to know people and am happy to make friends with you.<br /> <br /> ~Legolas

02-6-2014 at 8:30 PM
Hello, I am Inch cx.<br /> <br /> I usually play sims with <br /> very different users from this but let me explain my user. Well, once upon a time I was paired up in a group in Theatre. We were writing our names on a piece of paper and this one guy thought my name was Inch due to how I wrote my name. Until then, the nickname stuck, I have several nicknames in rl, but this one is by far the weirdest..<br /> <br /> Well I used to have tons of animals, but alas now I have one dog, a mutt named Daisy. She's basically a Labrabull and is trained in Agility. <br /> <br /> So far, so good with this site. I'm just addicted to dressing up my dogs, I'm going to need to limit myself.<br /> <br /> Anywho, toodaloo c:

02-6-2014 at 12:11 PM
Hello. My handle is Jean.<br /> <br /> In real life, I have 5 animals. 1 blue Spoo (just means Standard Poodle, he's not a mix) puppy called Reese. He's 7 months old. We're working constantly on his obedience work. Reese is my SDIT- Service Dog In Training. He's very important to me and my future (self training; he's my Service Dog). I'm not sure how much we'll get to, but I have dreams of Agility, Musical Freestyle and more dancing in my head.<br /> <br /> A couple of years ago, I was left alone when my 10 1/2 year old Sheltie passed away. I was devestated. I began to foster animals in a friend's rescue to stave away the lonelieness. And THAT'S when I met Oreo and Button, two cats from the same litter.<br /> <br /> Oreo is a black cat, white underbelly, and a bit of what I like to call a "milk moustache". The mark comes JUST over his lip, so it looks like he just got done having his cookies and milk. He's been a support to me, in his own way. Oreo doesn't know how to put his nails away or being held (though he will sit in my lap). He's noisy and a trouble maker.<br /> <br /> Button was named because she is just that. She's as cute as a... or, at least she used to be. She's still a charmer, but as she's matured the cuteness melted away to a beautiful adult female. Button has a much quieter meow. When she was a kitten, you couldn't even hear her meow. She rarely brings out her claws (though she brings them out a little more often then when she was younger). Button's perch of choice is on the back of the recliner I sit on while I play on the computer. She is, actually, a bit big for it now and doesn't lay/sit there as often any more. Button and Oreo will be 2 (years) in May.<br /> <br /> Down to my last two. 2 red eared sliders that never really have had names. It's hard to tell them apart, so I never tried to name them. I'd only get them confused any way. I have a female and a male. I guess them to be about 8 years old.<br /> <br /> I just got to Alacrity. I'm just getting to learn the site and am a bit uncertain. I'm thinking that I might want to try a Shelty and Collie kennel, in remembrance of Sunny. I love reading, writing, biking, and swimming. I hope to get more active with my partner Reese.

01-30-2014 at 4:57 PM
Hello! Ciao (hello in Italian)! I'm a new member, of course, and here's a little about me:<br /> <br /> As you can see, I'm a HUGE Warrior fan. I have two Clans in real life (Fire and Storm), and lots on another website.<br /> Lets talk about pets, shall we?<br /> Dogs first:<br /> Fifi. Fifi is a Chug -- A Chihuahua and Pug mix... NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH A PUGHUAHUA! Pughuahuas look more like PUGS, Chugs look more like CHIHUAHUAS. Fifi is very energetic, and is full of energy. She's still a pup: 1 year old. <br /> <br /> Gunner is my brother's (not on here) Reversed Brindle English Bulldog. Now, I'm not a big fan of Bulldogs, as something happened with me when I was young, but Gunner's very sweet, though. And my brother got him on his birthday because our other Bulldog, Thunder (a ginger-and-white one) died on the Fourth of July (which is why I hate that day now). <br /> <br /> I have two cats, Fire and Mase. <br /> Fire is a two-year old Ocicat. That's right. OciCAT. Not Ocelot (of course). He's very skittish (probably because he's inbred... I DID find him on the streets...), but he's nice and sweet. He's declawed, but he doesn't seem to notice. xD<br /> Mase is my 18-year old Seal-point Siamese cat. He only has one big tooth, because the others were decaying. But don't worry: he eats and drinks fine. He even acts like he's a kitten!<br /> <br /> Then I have two birds: Oz and Angel.<br /> Oz is a Green-cheeked (or Pineapple) Conure, and he's very, very loving. I've taught him to say (he CHIRPS it, not really talks. He's not very big, so...) 'Pretty, pretty, pretty', 'Pretty boy', and 'Fifi'. I'm trying to get him to say 'kissy, kissy'. <br /> Right now, he's 1 1/2 years old, and he's getting into the "Terrible Twos" were they'll bite you... A lot.<br /> Other than that, he's loving.<br /> <br /> Angel is my Umbrella Cockatoo. We just got her on Jan. 1, and when she was in the Pet Store, she was VERY depressed: she was picking out her feathers, and crying and screaming like crazy. Eventually my dad said to get her. xD<br /> Angel's still getting used to being at our house, and not at the Store's (at the Store, she couldn't get out of her 'cage'. But she's getting out a little more, but still a little skittish and shy). When we first got her, she could hardly PERCH! Perching should come natural to birds, but since she was in the Store's cage, she didn't have enough room to perch, so...<br /> <br /> I also have a pet Turtle named Challenger (after the car). He's a Red-eared Slider, and loves to eat small fish, crickets, moths, and dead frogs my brother and I sometimes find. Challenger is about the size of my hand. He's HUGE. When my grandmother gave me hi, he was hardly bigger than my palm. Now he's as big as my hand.<br /> HE WILL BITE!<br /> If you want a funny story about him, let me know.<br /> <br /> Next is my hamster, Domino. She's a Panda hamster. Black-and-white. Hence, PANDA hamster. <br /> Domino was abused by her former owner, a five-year old boy. My mom's friend gave me Domino.<br /> Domino is still very scared of some people, and shoots her way into her tube just to not get touched. I've had her since last September. Hopefully, she'll get out of that habit.<br /> <br /> And lastly, my hermit crab. You heard (or read) me. HERMIT. CRAB. <br /> His name is Skull, and he's HUGE for a Crab. I can't really tell you how big he is, though.<br /> He seems a little upset, mainly because his girlfriend, Rachael, had died. <br /> I've had Rachael since August, and she died on Dec. 31 at 12:30 in the morning, at my side.<br /> Now, lets get back to Skull.<br /> First, you can't really do anything with him, nor any hermit crab. BUT you CAN exercise them. How?<br /> Hold their shell in one hand, then have the other below the crab. One s/he touches your hand, flip your hand over. Do this for about... 2 minutes. That should be their exercise for that day. xD<br /> <br /> If you want to know how Rachael died, and what happened, let me know. I won't mind sharing it with you (besides, I've told so many friends at my school, so... Yeah.)

01-24-2014 at 8:45 PM
Hello everyone that has posted so far =). I hope you are enjoying the site so far. I love seeing new faces about. ^^

01-16-2014 at 5:06 PM
Hello, hello, everyone! Just introducing myself here. My name is Lirael, and I'm on several other sims, including Horse Eden, Eqcetera, Pine Ridge Herding, and one that's currently in development. I've been playing sim games since middle school, and I've loved them since. I have two pets in real life, a Chihuahua mix named Penny that is a lover, not a fighter, and a cat named Tom who's a fighter and sometimes a lover when no one else is looking. <br /> <br /> I hope to learn the game fast!

01-10-2014 at 5:13 PM
Hi everyone, I'm Arielle! I'm brand new on here and still learning the ropes on this site. Nice to meet you all! I live in Colorado and I have a German Shepherd/ lab mix named Kai, I go to school for Animation/ Creative Media and I love drawing, reading, hanging out with my friends, and especially going to the mountains to hike with my dog.
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01-10-2014 at 5:26 AM
Ciao a tutti! Io sono Riki, that means "Hello at all of you! I'm Riki" in italian. In fact, I'm Italian and I study English and German at school. I have four cats and I love dogs, expecially Siberian Husky, Akita Inu, Shiba Inu and Chihuahua. I love more others dogs, butn these are my favourites. My four cats are two male and two female; the males' names are Pallino and Micio (that means "Kitty") and the females' names are Terry and Briciola. I love manga and anime and I love forums and write with people. But I love books too! I'm very good at drawing and writing stories...but now, I'm stopping me; if not, I'm writing more pages!!

01-9-2014 at 3:31 PM
Haii!!! :D I'm kawaiiokami8! I like anime, making friends, and foood~ xD I would really like to meet who ever reads this. Can't wait to talk to you! &lt;3 =^.^=

01-8-2014 at 8:44 AM
Sorry accidently double posted.
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01-8-2014 at 8:44 AM
Hello. I'm iheart801. Just joined today and feeling the site out. <br /> In RL in have 2 dogs both Shi Tzu Bichon mixes, 4 cats, 2, Bearded dragons, 1 crested gecko and 8 parakeets. Needless to say I am a pet lover and have had many pets throughout my life.<br /> I hope to enjoy Alacrity and welcome any advice anyone has for me.<br />

12-19-2013 at 1:19 PM
Um, well, hi, everyone. I'm Canalis, which is latin for 'doggy'. I also call one of my friends Canalis in real life too. I have a black female husky who is almost two years old. In real life, I have three dogs (Cookie, Jasper, Fluffy), three sheep (Marshmellow, short for Toasted Marshmellow, Gnomeo, Coco Puff), one cat (Mittens), and two goats (Rocky, Juliet).


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