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Hello and Welcome to Alacrity!

Although we have chat to get to know each other, we know not everyone enjoys chat.

So come say hello and tell us a little bit about yourself!

My name is ZJ and my favorite breed on this site is the Shiba Inu, followed closely by the German Shepherd and the Border Collie. I have a dog in real life named Scamp and my current goal on site is to make a new FAQ for new players. :3

Tell us about yourself?

12-15-2013 at 9:56 AM
Hello everyone! Im TheDarkPrincess! (Really im Courtney) I have 3 cats. let me tell you there a handfull! On alacritysim i love to breed and train husky's. I adore husky's with smooth glitched coats. I'm also that one weird girl the says random things in class. or talk to myself and people looks at me like im crazy. IT makes me laugh! Well i love the colour blue! i also love anime!

10-20-2013 at 8:08 PM
*pushes soul aside* Guten Tag! Ich heiße Stag! And German is always better than French :p I usually breed Gsds, Pits, Aussies, and shibas. I also keep ghost dogs around... I may breed them time to time. I don't really breed one type of color. I breed whatever I like c: Im usually around messing around with my dogs scenes and trying to buy items for my dogs scenes :p <br /> <br /> In real life, I have a beautiful German Shepherd Dog c: Her name is Kono. She is my life O-O no joke. I love Hellhounds and deer. If I do a fursona... It will most likely be a mix of those two. I'm trying to get approved for the army but most likely due my heart condition Im not going to... Buuuut fingers crossed. If I do get in I will be a dog handler :D hmm what else... I love nature! Fall is my favorite season. I've lived in Buffalo, NY for half of my life and then I moved somewhere else •n• I plan on leaving this place to move back to NY when I am able to c: <br />

10-20-2013 at 3:12 PM
Bonjour, je m'appelle Soul! That means "Hello, my name is Soul". If you couldn't tell, I'm learning French. I'm a bit of a random person; pretty unorganized but somewhere along the lines it all falls together into this weird blob of something I call myself. <br /> <br /> Here on Alacrity, I mainly breed smooth glitch Catas, Corgis, and hopefully Danes when they are released! I'm mainly a social person however, and focus more on that aspect. If you ever want to talk, drop me a scribble or PM! I'm always open for advice, just a simple chat; anything.<br /> <br /> In real life I own two dogs. A German Shepherd named Trooper, and a Samoyed named Tundra. I have two cats; Charlie and Kitty, both are mixed with a bunch of breeds. They were adopted. I also have a Ball Python named Neghini, and quite a few fish. I used to own a Tarantula named Spike and a Sun Conure named Sunni. I'm a huge fashion freak, and it's my absolute favorite thing to talk about, closely followed by dogs. My favorite color is pink, I love Taco Bell, and my fursona is named <a href="http://soulscharries.weebly.com/eliza---fursona.html">Eliza!</a><br /> Au Revoir! (Goodbye! French, haha.)

10-19-2013 at 9:38 PM
Hi Y'all! I am Silas (or Si for short), I super friendly yet quite honest for my own good at times lol. My favorite breed on ala is the Corgi, but I own and breed almost all the breeds that have been added already. My favorite pass time on ala is chatting in chat, training dogs and also browsing the forums. <br /> <br /> A few other things: I own two pets, a boxer mix named Cowboy and a crowntail betta I named Sashimi. I love to draw animals mostly but I am picking up on drawing dragons as well. I love to write and read. If you are a big reader feel free to PM me, I am always looking for new books to read and I also love suggesting books as well :D

10-19-2013 at 8:41 PM
Hi everyone :) I'm Hyper. I love glitchy, colorful huskies and tinsel. I have 4 pets in real life; a guinea pig name Keegan, a degu named Reese, a tarantula named Fluffy and a rabbit named Perry. I'm currently working on training Perry in agility. I love helping people out and chatting with players. :)


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