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Future Features


Fix Top Dawgs

Fix Top Donors

Pup Predictor not working –potentially trouble to do quickly

Ability for admin to move and reverse accidental dog/item purchases and giveaways.

Completed Fixes:

Companions that are supposed to work even if you aren’t signed on not working. IE. Griffins, storks, money companions and TS Companions. -fixed, test (was failing to work because login counter resets and required you logging in on a specific day, as opposed to some time in the last x)

Bandana of Maturity -fixed, legacy library conflicts

Bandana of Youth -fixed, legacy library conflicts

Paint Palette Pendant -in events, see storks etc -fixed

Rejuvenator -hack fixed. There is a trait for this in the code. Deprecate later when able

Dalmatian - in events, none were equipped?(tested on my account, works? confirm)

Wild Grullo Mustang –(fixed, typo)

Large Stray Dog -in events(fixed,typo)

Wire Brush –inventory (fixed , bad legacy library linkage problem)

Bristle Brush –inventory (fixed, bad legacy library linkage problem)

Toys – seem to work, clarify whats wrong? How does mood work

Barrel Collar (fixed,added)

Easy Unlink accounts for admins

Remove top banner from non staff accounts

Clicking side account does not take you to side account

Future Features:
Mass handle for sending or putting large number of items in shop
Kennel Staff
Vet Staff
Training Staff
Other Jobs
Random Custom Generator (for people who don’t want to design but want a custom.)
More games for new users to make start up money
Ability to change or delete ads
Clear out inactive users dogs for stud.
Have a few dogs of each breed, glitch and natural on an account up for stud. That automatically gets accepted if the dog meets certain criteria or a staff member can accept them.
Easier way to change Passwords
Unlinking accounts
Eye changer
Tan/White Marking Changer
Base Coat Changer
Item instead of companion to bypass cool down
Change out Monthly Shop
Change the backgrounds and accessories out in Main Shops
Item that unspay or unneuters a dog but doesn’t change gender
More markings for current dogs
Glitch only pups when breeding
More breeds
Fantasy/Unusual markings
More awards and leaderboards for certain dogs ie Most Inbred
Put your dog on the kennel image
Fix fences
Special upgrades that do or give perks
Fix user shops on mobile
Ideas for keeping and bringing users:
Raffle low ID accounts
Auction Rare Glitch Dogs like lineless, Ghost Invisible in breeds they aren't available in.
Better Start up pack for newbies
More incentives for being active
Auction custom dogs or rare items from frozen accounts
Maybe letting users make their first pair of dogs like customs but not immortal
Throw a few contests
Come up with events for the holidays and spice up current events that haven’t run in awhile.
Redo Dog Pages
Redo Kennel Pages
Keep up with changes

02-23-2024 at 9:01 PM
Not a super duper priority, but I've been thinking about it lately. It would be cool to have a separate log or something for items brought by companions such as the confused storks or baby griffins! I'm always curious, and usually my training or agility trial logs overwrite/fill up & I can never tell what was brought by those companions! :)

02-23-2024 at 8:58 PM
A long time ago, there used to be a shop where you could buy foundation dogs of all the breeds. The dogs were randomized daily, and had worse stats than the foundation auctions, but you could just purchase them, so you could always buy foundation dogs in the breed you wanted no matter what.

I would love to see this back, with how limited the current foundations are, it means that the gene pool on this site is going to become a bottleneck, with only customs able to add new foundation blood to the pool, and two foundation auctions per day. That's not a lot of new blood!

Maybe keep the foundation auction as they originally were- slightly better quality foundation dogs- but add back the ability to purchase foundation dogs from a foundation store of some kind? I'm personally interested in slowly breeding for quality, and I have literally one foundation stud right now- impossible to avoid inbreeding once you hit the second generation!

02-18-2024 at 4:13 AM
Breeding should now work properly.

you get paid the stud / lease fee, and the there are appropriate messages for cancellation, rejections, and requests

01-30-2024 at 2:34 PM
You can also add, “integrate files.m7.org for image hosting of avatar icons

And avatar far icon cropping

01-24-2024 at 7:01 AM
I’ll try to see about making a Ramadan event. I was trying to get a new years event with fireworks but the art is still ongoing. At this point it might be a 4th of July event 😂

01-23-2024 at 1:05 PM
Thank you! I wasn't sure what was meant by "cool down"

I'm still finding out/learning about companions and items I missed while on my extended hiatus, so the auctions of the some of those items interests me greatly.

01-23-2024 at 10:00 AM
We have a companion fox cub that eliminates the cool down period for female dogs. But if you use it you can't use another companion like chances when breeding.

01-23-2024 at 12:11 AM
Event ideas

Ramadan is coming up in March,

01-22-2024 at 7:17 PM
Can you clarify this one please? "Item instead of companion to bypass cool down"

Great ideas, excited to see how it all rolls out!


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