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Completely freeze your dog in time! No aging, hunger, loss of energy, etc.! While equipped, your dog can not train, trial, or breed, and no other items can be used after starting the freeze until it is removed. Timestop can only be equipped or removed once per dog, per day.
you own: 0.
This potion revitalizes your dog by maxing its energy levels to 100%.
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Brings a bitch into heat immediately, but is only a 1-use item, plus -2 hunger.
Chocolate Bunny
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(11-3-2020 at 5:07 AM)


She has been sent back have a great day! c:
(09-22-2020 at 11:37 PM)
(08-27-2020 at 2:06 PM)


Hi I had bought a dane from you a long time ago dog #262665 I was wondering if you wanted her back I would feel awful if I sold her to someone else so I wanted to give her back to you
Welcome to Allie {Mrs. Winchester} (#26840)'s profile.
currently: Needing all items on my Wishlist. If you have any spares, I'd appreciate them. Especially needing revitalizers.

Last Seen: 5:51 PM on 07-14-2022, played for 1919 days

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Side account:
Allie {мѕк}
What am I doing?

Elite Shepherd Kennels

Welcome to єℓιтє ѕнєρнєя∂ Kennels (ESK). Our goal at ESK is to take dogs to their top potential. All dogs will be maxed before breeding, to insure fine puppies. We have a strict no in-breeding policy.

Despite the name, єℓιтє ѕнєρнєя∂ Kennels, we have a wide variety of breeds. However, we focus on Border Collies, German Shepherds, Shiba Inus, and American Pit Bull Terriers.

ESK's priority is to provide the community with outstanding trialing and breeding prospects who vary in coat, breed, total potential, and temporal stats. As we don't currently focus on stats such as speed and drive, we are slowly but surely working our way to managing those.

Training Services

Training is currently unavailable. Please private message me for prices (do not ask to me train your dog for certain prices, my training prices are

*Important note: Elite Shepherd Kennels is not responsible for older dog deaths.

If death occurs while training, user will not be refunded due to the unfortunate inconvenience. If provided with a re-birthing item, ESK will gladly re-birth your companion for you.

Training List

No Slots Open During This Time.

In Training:
• N/A

Art Commissions

Traditional - Closed
(Pencil/Colored Pencil)
*Coloring refers to colored pencil*

•Animal, No Background, No Coloring: $200,000 or 1 bone

•Animal, No Background, With Coloring: $250,000 or 1 bone

•Animal, With Background, No Coloring: $350,000 or 2 bones

•Animal, With Background, With Some Coloring: $400,000 or 2 bones

•Animal, With Background, Full Coloring: $500,000 or 3 bones

Digital - Closed

• Transparent Bust (shoulders up): $250,000 or 1 bone

• Transparent Full Body: $300,000 or 2 bones

• Bust with background: $400,000 or 2 bones

• Full Body with background: $500,000 or 3 bones


(If you want more than an individual animal included, the price will be upped by half the original price. No further cost is added for additional characters).

Each commission can *possibly* take up to a week, or more. Your patience is preferred and appreciated.


Commission Form

User Name: (#_____ )

Art Type: Traditional/Digital

Pricing Type: (Copy/paste from the listed above).

Picture or Detailed Description of artwork wanted: (link picture references)

Commission List


1. N/A



ESK's Events


Welcome to Elite Shepherd Kennel Events; the newest portion added to our kennel. Here you can find information on happenings around the kennel. This ranges from special sales, give-aways, contests, and more!

There are no current events occurring in the kennel.

Event Winners

There are no current event winners.

Purchasing From ESK

Elite Shepherd Kennels strive to produce quality companions for the public.

We only have four simple guidelines...

1. Please max your newly purchased companion before breeding (believe it or not, this benefits you and your dog's offspring's total potential)

2. Please do not inbreed any dog purchased from ESK

3. Please do not re-sell dog to gain an overpowering amount of profit right after you purchase from us. All of our dogs and puppies are looking for loving homes to run to.

4. Enjoy your newly purchased friend

Personal Art

(Artwork done for me)

Horse Sketch

Red Commission (owned horse)

Silas Commission (owned horse)


08/25/17 • $10,000,000/$10,000,000 on main account
09/29/17 • $15,000,000/$15,000,000 on main account
• $42,000,000/$50,000,000 on main account
• $0/$3,500,000 stored in side account
• 0/100 bones stored in side account
• 200 kennel slots
• 400 kennel slots
11/13/18 • 500 Training Sessions
•1000 Training Sessions
• Breeder Perk
• Trainer Perk
• Vet Perk
• Merchant Perk



displaying the first 10 unkenneled dogs...
Dogs Put Down: 0 | Dogs Died In Care: 241 | Training Sessions: 502
Dogs in "~ єℓιтє ѕнєρнєя∂ ~ Kennels"
- in heat | - up for auction | - up for sale | - up for bone sale | - up for stud| - pregnant dog
Preview Name Breed Age Gender
Memories of the Past {Maxed} (#262665) Great Dane 439.32 months female
Zeus 466.64 [2] (#399918) Shetland Sheepdog 4.98 months male
For sale (#408842) Catahoula Cur 8.04 months female
нσυѕє σf ѕ¢αяєѕ:
мαιи тяιαℓєяѕ:
נα¢к яυѕѕєℓℓ тєяяιєяѕ:
ѕнєтℓαи∂ ѕнєєρ∂σgѕ:
αυѕтяαℓιαи ѕнєρнєя∂ѕ:
ρємвяσкє ωєℓѕн ¢σяgιѕ:
σтнєя вσя∂єя ¢σℓℓιєѕ:
ѕнιвα ιиυѕ:
¢αтαнσυℓα ¢υяѕ:
gяєαт ∂αиєѕ :
ѕιвєяιαи нυѕкιєѕ:
6тн gєи вσя∂єя ¢σℓℓιєѕ:
5тн gєи вσя∂єя ¢σℓℓιєѕ:
4тн gєи вσя∂єя ¢σℓℓιєѕ:
3я∂ gєи вσя∂єя ¢σℓℓιєѕ:
2и∂ gєи вσя∂єя ¢σℓℓιєѕ:
вσя∂єя ¢σℓℓιєѕ:
αмєяι¢αи ριт вυℓℓ тєяяιєяѕ:
gєямαи ѕнєρнєя∂ѕ:
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