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Maxes out a dog's ability in each trial object.
Magical Water Bowl
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Lifelong fun for a lifetime friend. Makes a dog immortal.
Magical Lifelong Locket
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Some precious puppies will keep your dog busy!
Catahoula Puppies
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Welcome to Ingenuo (aka Magic) (#27550)'s profile.
currently: Isn't it enough to see that a garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too?

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Side account:
Paura (aka Magic)
What am I doing?

Thank you for visiting my kennel, PM me if I can help you with anything~


I offer a variety of services, from training (in-kennel and out-of-kennel) to breeding (I have a breeders perk, and various breeding items). Please PM me if you’d like any of these.

In-Kennel: Cost according to time it takes to max them.
$500 a day = 20 Training Sessions per day + Scholar Collar
$650 a day = 30-40 Training Sessions per day + Scholar Collar + Energy Pet


If you have a Breeder’s Perk and want to double it’s effectiveness, I can help with that, or I can let you use my breeders perk. Either way, I can breed both your dogs for you, or take one and help you breed them that way.

$100 - Breeder Perk: This perk increases the Total Potential of puppies by 10% per account that has it (so if you breed between two accounts that both have the perk, you'll get a 20% TP increase for all puppies). It also guarantees you a max litter of 4 every successful breeding.
$20 - Alaskan Wolf: More likely to pass down markings to pups.
$20 - Celestial Rabbit/Easter Bunny/Etc.: Ensures maximum litter size.
$20 - White Dingo: Guarantee the gender of the pups, if equipped to the father, all male, if equipped to the mother, all female.

Rules, Prices, Etc.

Breeding Rules:

~ You need to be sure to match the coat type. (I.e. Glitch & Glitch or Natural & Natural) If you are unsure or would like glitch puppies toggled off, PM me.
~ Your dog should have nice pup predicts with the dog. (No static glitches, and not many silly looking puppies)
~ Any bitches should NOT be in heat yet. It may take a while to sort out breeding with you, so if she IS in heat, then that time will be lost before you have a
chance to use my stud.
~ Your dog should be within 1 generation of my dog.
~ Your dog MUST be maxed, no exceptions.
~ I would like second pick of the litter, unless you're willing to pay a studding/leasing fee instead.


Currently looking to buy 1st gen Aussie pups.

I currently have GSD and Non-Line Aussie pups for sale on my main account.

I also have tons of Cata Puppies for sale!

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