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Maxes out a dog's ability in each trial object.
Magical Water Bowl
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This potion revitalizes your dog by maxing its energy levels to 100%.
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Gives +0.5 drive and +1 health every 4th hour.
Arctic Fox Cub
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Hail To Zacky V

`•.¸¸.•´´¯`••._.•∂ση'т scяιввℓε мε ρℓεαsε, υηℓεss ιт's gιғs ғяσм zαcкү vεηgεαηcε σя ριcтυяεs σғ нιм. тнαηк үσυ ғσя sтσρριηg вү :) (мσℓαм, εмвεя, εℓι, αη∂ נαcк αяε мσяε тнεη ωεℓcσмε тσ scяιввℓε мε)
Welcome to ♥Sнσятιι JJ♥ (#32370)'s profile.
currently: "The Best Revenge Is Bettering Yourself" ❤️ Zacky Vengeance

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Side account:
Hail To Zacky V
What am I doing?
Welcome Fellow Deathbats :)

Welcome To The Avenged Sevenfold Head Quarters! Enjoy :D

About Me:

Who's Shortii JJ?

Hi, Thank you for taking the time into reading my page. Alright Let's Get Started shall we? Well what can I say about myself? My Name is Jaylanez, but i prefer to be called Jayla, or JJ for short. Why the username Shortii JJ? Well, all throughout my high school people noticed.. my shortness, i'm 5 feet tall, and well I didn't mind it at all, so Shortii Sticked lol, As for JJ, it's for my first and middle name, since they both start with a J. I'm 21 and I graduated high school on 2014. Anyway as you have noticed, I'm a HUGE Avenged Sevenfold Fan. Most if not all of my dogs are named after a song they wrote or something related to them. Of course my tag here would be A7X, just in case you'd want to know what that means XD. I'm sure by now you know that i have a crush on Zacky Vengeance. Well, I do XD I really don't care if he's 34 or older. And yes this is me fan girling about him. XD I'm pretty open to any discussion, unless it's really weird... then i'll just stay quite lol. So go ahead and message me, I don't mind answering questions. Last but not least i have to say i love wolves. I think they are amazing animals. Fascinating creatures who really deserve respect. Anywho, Yes i'm random and no i'm not creepy...unless you want me to be creepy XD Anways, I leave you to some awesome profile pics of Zacky <3 Some A7X Stuff://///////////

About My Game

Do you Have Rules? What do you breed? Why? Do you do glitches? Other dog breeds? Symbol Meaning?

As you may have noticed, I mainly breed American Pit Bull Terriers and Great Danes. I started out with Pibbles, loving how they are designed here. After awhile i finally got the opportunity to own a capped Dane. Anyways, My kennel Consists of mainly those two breeds. If you see any other breed of dog here is mainly because I personally thought they had a beautiful coat. Anyways, I tend to breed my Pibbles (not with each other of course).I don't sell my Pibbles either, unless I have lost interest in their coats or they no longer appeal to me. If i sell them, know for sure, they'll be maxed out. Unless I'm too lazy or have other dogs using all my training sessions. If i sell a puppy unmaxed then that means I either didn't like his/her coat or he/she doesn't appeal to me. All my Pibbles have cropped ears. But the puppies will always be sold with their ears uncropped, just in case you like them with natural ears. All are more than likely to go for 2,000 or 2k. No matter what gender it is. If i sell for more it's probably for a reason. For My Danes. I breed natural coats only unless a particular color catches my eye. Most of my high capped danes are inbred, so if you get one from me, be warned. I have only bred one batch of puppies who aren't inbred. I'm not selling mine, but you can ask the other person who has the puppies if they are selling. Like the Pibbles, All my Danes have Cropped ears. All puppies sold (if i sell any) will go with their natural ears. Unless, I'm told other wise. All my puppies sold, will be fed, vaccinated, and tagged. I do breeding requests, unless I say No. Not because I don't want to it's just that I'm picky with the breeding. As for my rules, Please read. I don't want to see my dogs retired. Unless they have horrible coats, that's the only option. If i have gifted you a maxed dog or a puppy, please, don't sell for profit. I did that out of the kindness of my heart. I don't want any of my dogs retired, just because you are too lazy to max them or you can't sell them. If you no longer want the dog or puppy PLEASE send them back to me. They'll always be welcomed home. Failing in following these rules will put you in my "No Sell" List and Will put you in "My Blocked List" as well. Please, I can't stress this enough. DON'T RETIRE MY DOGS, SEND THEM BACK TO ME. Glitches: I only buy glitches that catch my eye, which are usually purple/pink coats. I don't breed my glitches unless most puppies will come out nice. I hate retiring my dogs, but i won't have a puppy with an ugly coat in the game. The same rules go for my glitched dogs. If I have a glitched dog that catches your eye, let me know. I'll think of something. I don't breed dogs that have a super bad glitch, unless it's minor. In charge of the Radiant Great Dane group. 3, of which are now retired.

Symbol Meaning:
(Ƥ)- American Pit Bull Terrier Or Pit Bull for Short
(ƓƊ)- Great Dane
(ℋ)- Siberian Husky or Husky for Short
(ƓSƊ)- German Shepherd Dog
(ƛƧ)- Australian Shepherd
(Ƥ.)- Papillon
(ƧƧ)- Shetland Sheepdog
(Ƈ)- Corgi
- Happily Retired
ღ- Immortal/Custom Made
♂- Male
♀- Female
(ℳ)- Maxed
(ƝM)- Not Maxed
(ℐ)- Invisible
✘- Trailing Dog
∞- Top Dawg In Any Category
(ℐℬ)- In Bred

Secret Santa Wishlist:
-Any TS is helpful xD
-Any Wolf/Dog Companions/Accessories
-More Blue Balls!!!
-More Pit Bull Puppies Accessories!!! :D

Other Games

Are you in other games? I'd like to know!

I am in other games. smile emoticon Let me give you a list: Howrse: Werewolf Girl- Magistream: martinezjaylanez- Foopets: Hail To Vengeance 6661- Chickensmoothie: Shortii JJ- And others as well, if I can recall the password and the username XD I'm more than happy to join a game, that is if it gets my attention. I can't guarantee you that I won't get bored of it XD

Side Projects

Do you have any?

For side projects I think it would only to breed higher capped danes, and to breed a Blue and Red Doberman looking Pibble with Blue eyes. That's really it XD

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♀{Filler 1} (ƓSƊ) (#333992) German Shepherd 35.77 months female
♀{Filler 2} (ƓSƊ) (#333990) German Shepherd 36.10 months female
♀{Filler 3} (ƓSƊ) (#333991) German Shepherd 36.10 months female
ღ♂𝔇𝔢𝔯𝔢𝑘 (ℳ)(ƓSƊ) (#338589) German Shepherd 33.64 months male
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Ƈιту σf ƐνιƖ (Rαɗιαηт Ɗαηєѕ):
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