Lifelong fun for a lifetime friend. Makes a dog immortal.
Magical Lifelong Locket
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Completely freeze your dog in time! No aging, hunger, loss of energy, etc.! While equipped, your dog can not train, trial, or breed, and no other items can be used after starting the freeze until it is removed. Timestop can only be equipped or removed once per dog, per day.
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A symbol of fertility, this cute little fox cub eliminates the rebreedable restrictions on female dogs while equipped.
Fox Cub
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(12-2-2017 at 4:01 PM)
You've received 12 items (Aurora Borealis Background, Day Mountain, Eerie Mountain, Falling Cherry Blossoms, Grassy Knoll, Halo, Heavy Snowfall, High Reaches Background, Insta-pups, Scholar Collar, Timestop, Timewarp) as a part of my holiday giveaway event~
Happy holidays!
(05-29-2017 at 8:08 AM)
mama of 4 little Santa's Elves
lol thanks:) I know most people like to know that there pups will not be retired, sold ect:) I am such a hoarder so I keep my dogs until they die! lol:)
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What am I doing?
Hello there. My name is Jazz and I play Ala on and off most days. I am a female human being with an age ranging from 15 to 25. I live somewhere in the United States.

In Heaven's Eyes, I breed Corgis, GSDs, Papillons, Catas and Border Collies! I max all dogs before breeding and aim for gorgeous coats, mainly natural but I do adore smooth glitches. I don't so much aim for high TP, I like reasonable and under 800.

My key is pretty simple too.
❤ means the dog is maxed.

~{Mourning Losses of}~
• ❤🚺 Deception {2nd Gen}
• 🚺 Poppy (Keeper)
• ❤🚺 Calypsia {2nd Gen}
•❤🚺 Crest {2nd Gen}
•❤🚺 Princess Heart {2nd Gen}
•❤🚺 Autumn Breeze {4th Gen}
•❤🚺 Dark Song {6th Gen}
•❤🚺 Cupid's Angel {3rd Gen}
•❤🚹 Handsome Man {3rd Gen}
•❤🚺 Ghostly {2nd Gen}
•❤🚺 Purple Rain {Unknown}
•❤🚺 Egyptian Godess {Unknown}
•❤🚺 Pirate's Booty {8th Gen}
• ❤🚹 Excalibur {2nd Gen}
•❤🚹 Algae Growth {2nd Gen}
•❤🚹 Nightmare Night {4th Gen}
•❤🚹 Sundial {1st Gen}

You can Find me on other sites as well, Like Howrse and Lioden.

Mainly a note to myself**
~I can max a 600-700 TP dog before they're 6 months old with a timewarp, autofeeder, scholar collar and a +2/3 energy companion. IF I'M ON EVERYDAY.
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