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This magical collar doubles the effectiveness of each training session used when equipped to your dog. Unlimited uses, but effects do not stack even if you equip 20!
Scholar Collar
you own: 0.
Pushes a bitch into heat on the next 30 minute interval and keeps her there until you remove the Cookie. Infinite uses!
Heat Cookie
you own: 0.
Takes a dogs training to 50% complete. (Does not train over 50% total)
Magical Food Bowl
you own: 0.
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(02-12-2019 at 9:38 PM)


thank you so much c: <3
(08-4-2017 at 6:40 AM)

Allie {Mrs. Winchester}

Can't enter in any more toto until I get my Odie puppy up. :(

So I'm needing Odie and Marley trails at the moment.
(07-28-2017 at 8:59 PM)

Allie {Mrs. Winchester}

Hey love, next time you go to put your puppies up in toto trials, can you look around and try getting them in with ones I have? I still have a ton, afraid the trial is going to expire. xD

Hope I'm my bothering you, dear.
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What am I doing?
Here at Jazzydog Kennels I breed smooth glitch and natural coats.
Breeds I am currently producing:
German Shepherd: Smooth glitch and natural coats
Siberian Huskies: Smooth glitch and natural coats

My Customs:

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