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Selling a bunch of rares in my shop for bones. Such as: Soldier Helmet, rejuvenator, magical lifelong lockets and magical water bowl. Also selling copies of my Golden Lion Custom Companion for 30 bones. And selling copies of any of my CAs: Here They range from 6-10 Bones
This horned equine sheds the tip of its horn once per day, worth $500!
Black Unicorn Foal
you own: 0.
Oh my! This stork seems to be confused about its job! Instead of bringing babies, it keeps bringing you random items every other week.
Confused Stork
you own: 0.
Even larger and stronger than modern wolves, these predators competed with other killers like Smilodon for food. Keep your dog from aging and freeze them! No equip limits!
Dire Wolf Cub
you own: 0.
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(11-11-2023 at 4:57 PM)

K [ShiverCritter]

Your messages are full, sent the pegasus and got the fox though <3
(03-12-2011 at 4:10 AM)

Alcemistnv [567 candy corns]

(03-4-2011 at 6:11 PM)
Growling Cupcake
Hehehe, I just got 14 more come seee. :D
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Dog Agility is not easy. Why? Because the sport or hobby, requires you to navigate a free thinking animal through a series of obstacles at its top speed using only your voice.. the " Invisible Leash." You can not touch it, you can not ride it. There is no other sport or hobby like it. You must depend on your training and your bond with your dog to succeed. You get to decide what success means. Dog agility is not easy. So remember that next time you step into the ring. And enjoy every moment with your Dog. -Mary Beth Stucker And you also have to learn how to control your movements at the blink of an eye. So, imagine running as fast as you can, watching where and how your dog is running, running in the correct numbered order, keeping in mind you are being timed, being aware there could be an external dog loose (always a possibility!) Not to run into the obstacles yourself while looking at your dog or get plowed into by your dog wanting to cut in front of you, and be aware of where your arms, shoulders, feet, eyes and head are facing.... again, while running and trying to direct your creature across the obstacles safely. -Random response to above quote
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Newborn Puppy (TP 1045) (#434379) Border Collie 54.93 months female
Newborn Puppy (TP1932) (#434696) Siberian Husky 29.79 months male
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