this dog cannot breed. requires the following:
males: age >8 months, and not neutered.
females age > 12 months, not spayed, and "in heat"

if your not the owner of this dog, stud / lease pricing must be set and >0.

Dogs which are spayed or neutered may not use the lease/stud request pages.

this dog "Newborn Puppy" # 427877
age: 52.05
fixed: no
in_heat : no
stud/lease price: 0
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All items worn by this dog will be given to the new owner. Remove them before transferring if you want to keep them!

Any Breeding agreement will be transferred to the new owner.

this dog "Newborn Puppy" # 427877
age: 52.05
fixed: no
in_heat : no
new owner ID:
Newborn Puppy (#427877) (TP: 480.54), the female German Shepherd
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