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Beauty shows

Posted by Sin Vraal (#18687) on Mar 20, 2023
It looks good for mobile, so I’ll step to trials next.

We need to test it more in a few days after I’ve cleaned up trials.

I’ll be doing a TOTAL rework for beauty shows soon, but first I’ll clean up trials so we are back operational!

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Sin Vraal
ok, miniature patch. beauty shows look pretty good now! try clicking on images ... should be much easier :)
Posted on 03-20-2023 at 6:07 PM

need some help

Posted by Sin Vraal (#18687) on Mar 20, 2023
beauty shows

I'm testing beauty shows and I accidentally toasted my show

can you join my show so I can test and improve shows?

create some of your own too :)

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time zone fixed

Posted by Sin Vraal (#18687) on Mar 19, 2023
**should** be. please check auctions in the future and ensure they are working.

it may be borked for a day or so while the old time zones flush out of system

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