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shouts (advertise) set LIVE

Posted by Sin Vraal (#18687) on Nov 21, 2022
shouts remaster is set to live.

-no major changes. just clean up, and split html/php
-will be more functional on mobile

still waiting on test to be completed on messaging.

next up: online/friends/blocking merged into 'contacts'

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messages remaster sent to test

Posted by Sin Vraal (#18687) on Nov 17, 2022
all listed features below plus
-improved reply functionality.
-accounts no longer require upgrading to use folders.
-message limit increased.

Messages will be finished in a day or so

This update includes:

-split the html from the php
-html will be more 'mobile friendly'
-sending mail will no longer popup in a new window
- trash can has been added, you may empty or restore messages;

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forums LIVE

Posted by Sin Vraal (#18687) on Nov 14, 2022
remastered forums are now live! onto messages next!

a quick recap.

1. this is primarily a 'backend remaster'; existing features have been cleaned up and now work 'as intended'
2. html has been mostly separated from the 'code'
3. a backend framework has been constructed for alacrity 1.0 (live version we use here). this is running forums , and news.
4. a few new features were added, such as 'breadcrumbs' for forums.
5. Consistency was added to forum inputs which makes the backend much easier to edit.
6. pages are now more mobile friendly (NOT perfect), html has been brought up to more modern design methods.
7. broken images flashing ukranian flags, generally overflowing the entire page are now curtailed. pages load much better

-----what it does not do---

1. it does not address general ugliness of the forums. this will be addressed later at a leisurely page (lets face it, forums is not exactly the most popular place these days)
2. certain forum actions are now slightly more inconvenient to use (for now)

-----the TODO---
1. clean up all html tags for themed css (holidays, special designs, etc)
2. clean up the database to a proper forum design
3. clean up the actions so they look better (yes, the back button is hideous)
4. improve general forum frontend layout
5. finalize the backend software design.

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