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vaccination expiration live(again)

Posted by

Sin Vraal
(#18687) on Nov 11, 2023
I've redone vaccination expirations

this should work now. (fingers crossed)

also accident_recovery:
-miniature unicorn and first aid towels working again

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dog deaths

Posted by

Sin Vraal
(#18687) on Nov 10, 2023
I've investigated this a bit.

1/ I rolled back all excess aging for dogs affected by the bug last week.

2/ after looking over the log again, I have found 29 of 3050 dogs died during this period, possibly due to aging.

this does not seem to be the culprit of any mass die offs.

however, there was a health issue as well. its possible this caused the die off.

3/ after checking the deaths in the logs, I see 110 dogs.

this is the good news. Its not that many.

with that in mind , I can raise these dogs from the dead.

some foot notes.
1/ death should be working properly now.
2/ age related health problems is also working correctly.
3/ health and energy is working correctly.

I had a number of dogs die myself , but I believe it was due to neglect (In order to work on alacrity, I have to be logged in, and my dogs get hungry and die)

I'll dig into the reason why after I do alittle more research.

I suspect it is the health and energy regain issue that was happening.

if your dog is still dead after I issue the rebirth, PLEASE contact me so that I can investigate further

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Dog rendering 2.0

Posted by

Sin Vraal
(#18687) on Nov 08, 2023
After we finish coding in all the accessories, 2 things are happening simultaneously:

1. New content!!
Finally new accessories are coming!

2. positionable accessories
I am already working on the new rendering engine. It’s been cleaned up and yup will be able to position your accessories and companion in your portrait!
-alter it’s x, y coordinate on the dog
-display above or below
-(eventually) resize accessories
-shade them
-and add duplicate accessories. So if you have numerous plants or other features you can add a few and move them around!

The tool will be rough to start but I’ll improve it as we have time

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item previewer

dog debugger
Posted on 11-10-2023 at 11:31 AM

Up next for fixing:
beauty show previewing,
dog debugger improvements
item previewer

Posted on 11-9-2023 at 8:10 AM


please notify if you notice any errors
Posted on 11-9-2023 at 7:36 AM



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