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training bug fix

Posted by Sin Vraal (#18687) on Mar 17, 2023
with a lot of help from bobby, I believe we have fixed the last big nagging bugs with training

1. upgraded accounts can now safely multi train, without using all their sessions

if you train a dog 2000 times and it only needs 10, only 10 sessions will be used. the number of sessions require is reflected properly.

2. if you have 10 sessions, and type 2000, you will train up to 10 times instead of getting an error message.

3. dogs energy levels are reflected properly.

4. training dogs you do not own does not require energy from that dog.

5. trainer perk now increases the training multiplier by 100%

6. trainer perk / scholar collar stack additively, not multiplicatively (trainer + collar = 300%, not 400%. other items may be added to game and cause runaway training inflation)

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rendering updates

Posted by Sin Vraal (#18687) on Mar 16, 2023
more updates!
so i may have been a little bit too doom and gloom.
I ended up getting everything working in the debugger now except for accessories , and companions.

you can hide / show layers to help diagnose (play around with your doggie!) and after I finish up the accessories bit, I'll clean up the debugger, and construct all the wizards.

when the wizard is finished, you'll be able to construct ghost dogs, mood dogs etc as well.

you wont be able to save them however without later to be released secrets ingredients :)

I apologize for taking so long on this.

There is little in the way of infrastructure on this part of the code.

its important I build it properly this time, so that artists can go in and construct new content, without the aid of myself of other admins.

its taking a bit longer than I wanted because of the maze-like database configuration, and numerous other small things.

the good news, is the debugger is **partially** working. its displaying the parts that are finished.

right now I am in the process of cataloging all the image assets for dogs, so that I can do a few things:

1. audit for missing artwork
2. make it MUCH easier to search for content and merge into the dogs portrait,
3. eventually build an artist login to add content.
4. migrate the content to a separate server.

the table structure for dogs is what causes kennel slowness. all this has to be done to finally break apart the dog tables into more optimized components.

I realize this is taking a bit longer than expected. in the mean time, if there are other critical game impacting bugs / features etc, please let myself or bobbie know, and I can detour to them ...

this probably wont take months, or even a month. but its probably going to take a week or 2 to get through all the tiny minutia of the dogs renderer

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debugger / rendering

Posted by Sin Vraal (#18687) on Mar 14, 2023
I've isolated the dog image rendering into a separate module. It took a bit longer due to real life and my lack of knowledge regarding images (I'm not a graphics designer, nor have I much experience with graphics libraries... needless to say thats changing fast!)

this allows for **much** cleaner software, and can give us the ability to create new types of varients for dogs, including ghost dogs, movable accessories etc.

like your doggie bowl on the other side of the picture? no problem! larger companion? can do!

these features will not be while for a while, but in the short term the new renderer will be inline soon, and tools such as customs / predictor / debugger will be working shortly after

I still have to construct the new render tool, but the wizard prototype is now done.

I'll need to do a second run wizard after constructing the final rendering tool.

but you should be able to play with your dogs attributes after this, test, etc for interesting effects.

you get to it by clicking on your dogs image, and selecting debugger

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