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updates / action plan

Posted by

Sin Vraal
(#18687) on Apr 03, 2024
All of the Easter hunt content has been released and workig now.

-Forbidden and rainbow cupcakes are now much easier to use. a preview images of the dog your working on appears and can be tested inline before setting your color

There re several hundred new markings for your dogs!

-Easter dogs are now working

-Breeding easter dogs also works.

Be aware the design and the color are on different layers (white marking and tan)

When breeding, these traints may partially pass, fully pass or not at all.

--- Next steps --

dog profiles
I'd like to start cleaning the dog profile pages First. This is going to take some work but I can do a pretty thorough job of it I think.

I will leave the existing dog pages up while making the new profile. We can switch it over when everyone is satisfied with it

Refine Easter hunt minigame

If you have ideas on the game, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. This minigame was a test run the trials on an actual course, in a turn based fashion.

This means we can do a lot here , including player input , change the obstacles, etc.

So anything you didnt like about the game, or thought needed improvements on, really helps.

Overhaul the markings system.

This is a big change, but for the best. the old system is error prone, and rather hard to work with, Getting it cleaned up means a steady flow of new content may be added with minimal effort, and low errors.

it will be done LAST, b/c it will be a bit of a hike to finish.

it goes without saying, I will not remove existing glitch dogs etc, these will be preserved carefully.

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Easter Hunt!

Posted by

Sin Vraal
(#18687) on Mar 30, 2024
We're all set! (games will open on Easter )

Be sure to go to your profile and switch to the easter layout for the full experience :)


Trials have been updated to 'games' and 'legacy games' respectively.

Since the new trials are working well, I think its time we retired the original alacrity trials, so I'm removing that with this update.

notes on items:

Easter pups are dogs with custom easter coats. they have improved stats and are VERY lucky. luck is a hidden stat in the game, which has no way of being improved (to my knowledge)

No longer! Opening Golden easter eggs will improve your luck,

The easter pups themselves are not quite ready, but they come in suspended animation crates , so you dont have to thaw your pup right away!

-There is also a previously unreleased Easter Coat, which will be released. Very rare, extremely Suave. Totall Chill!

Both pups and storefronts (tokens, and some new items )will be released later during Easter day or day after.

until then any pups earned will be safely held in your inventory.

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Easter Event preparation

Posted by

Sin Vraal
(#18687) on Mar 27, 2024
2x Easter Egg Hunt Tokens are now being added to any handlers inventory who has logged in within the last 4 hours.

These will be used to play the easter egg hunt mini event being added

more details will follow!

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Hey hey! Let me know once the bugs fixed! Just hopped on for the day and I'm up to 10 😅
Posted on 03-28-2024 at 8:46 AM

found it the bug, thanks!
Posted on 03-28-2024 at 12:19 AM

Thanks for heads up, I'll keep an eye on it!
Posted on 03-28-2024 at 12:14 AM


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