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forum feature set finished

Posted by Sin Vraal (#18687) on Nov 07, 2022
all forum functionality has been integrated into the new system.

security on it has been done, and in some cases fixed.

remaining todo:
1. double check security on moderator / thread owner functions
2. polish backend
3. fix broken functionality from original forums.
4. clean up nagging front end issues.

I'll release the new forums for testing after security (item 1) is handled.
ETA 1/2 to 1 day
sent to moderators for initial testing. then for public test release, the swap out existing forum code.

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Posted by Sin Vraal (#18687) on Nov 07, 2022
its been a while since I updated. so heres a quickie.

I had a gout attack which prevented me from programming for a little while.

I'm back, chopping away at the forums. everything minus the bookmarked threads has been redone. hopefully I'll be able to snipe that in the next day or 2.

After all the features are fully integrated, I need to go back and run a security audit over all the code I wrote.

Finally, I will streamline what I wrote. this is important so that I can use the tools made here on the rest of live-alacrity.

Again, the hope is that with this rewrite, the tools written can serve as middleware to more easily port into test-alacrity when the time comes.

I'm going to go over why in more detail in the coming days, but I'll give the quick and dirty as to why I felt it important to go over the forums.

The fluff:

At the moment, nobody really uses forums, so why bother? Forums are the heart and soul of any website. They serve as a permanent record for any game. online or otherwise. Alacrity has nearly a decade of forums. I didnt want to lose the history of alacrity.

The crunch:

forums are complex enough that I can solve many problems in advance with the forums overhaul. Any methodology that needs to be done here can be used later on elsewhere.

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Posted by Sin Vraal (#18687) on Oct 14, 2022
forums are almost redone!

new code is very fast and render quickly.

there are some unfinished bits. all the 'actions' such as edit , delete, post, and such are still non functional.

but all the viewable sections are now done.

+html now successfully divorced from code.
+html is no longer in table format, meaning it will work better on tablets and mobile devices, and properly styable with modern methods.
+majority of the code is now in a library (large reduction in code base), and redone
+general rewrite of the code.

this weekend I'll start grinding through the many user functions, clean a bit more and prepare it for relaunch.

other odds and ends----
+ I'll be adding user profiles and account numbers back in.
+ try to set it up so that connection doesnt go stable on mobile devices when closed
+ possibly general clean up of html display if time permitting

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