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added options to dog portrait

Posted by Sin Vraal (#18687) on Mar 10, 2023
dog owners and admins may now click on a dogs image and click to refresh, or debug the dog as needed.

the debugger is unfinished, I'm still working on the code, but it doesnt alter anything yet, so its safe to leave up in the short term.

anyhow, you will be able to quickly note if your dog is bugged, and be able to 'auto correct' or flag it as 'keep this bug' in the future, so that everyone can keep their glitch dogs!

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report of kennel issues

Posted by Sin Vraal (#18687) on Mar 10, 2023
we received a report of kennels not showing dogs properly.

does anyone else have this problem?

so far on those I've checked, I'm not seeing it, but I'd like to track this bug down if its showing up for some.

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Sin Vraal
can you give me any details ? did you go from profile? or from the menu.

there was a downtime, its possible its related to that
Posted on 03-15-2023 at 8:46 PM
Heaven Sent
I did the other day it was not displaying any dogs or other kennel options
Posted on 03-10-2023 at 5:19 PM

tasks before relaunch

Posted by Sin Vraal (#18687) on Feb 27, 2023
So here is the the short list I am working on before our relaunch. after these primary tasks are finished, I'll devote 50/50 time to more cleaning / new features

1. finish up dog Debugger / customizer / pup predictor / custom dogs
This will be rolled into 1 group of functions, which will unify all the dogs under 1 format. allowing for new breeds, crossbreeding, you name it. its taking alittle longer than I want due mostly to html design issues.

2. agility trials and beauty shows
these need to be checked, made mobile friendly, and generally cleaned up. The cleanup part will be similar to other quick clean jobs. the intent is not to rewrite the code (yet) , so much as it is to fix glaring problems in the process.

3. integrate help and support from test to live
These tools are finished and looking very nice there. they also integrate easily with live, so I need to work them in the same way as we did chat.

4. optimize kennel pages loading speed.
The dogs database makes this slow. I'll be working on speeding this up substantially. its not the final fix, but its a good patch for short term.

5. some other essential bugfix, such as userID on chat messages.
a few little things are missing like this. they'll be cleaned up

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