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status update

Posted by

Sin Vraal
(#18687) on Dec 13, 2023
I'm working slowly but surely through all the items with special properties.

there are still about 300 left to go through. some of these have probably never been inserted into the system before.

its taking longer than I expected, primarily due to the vast quantity of them in there.

may take the rest of the week to input all of them and get them double checked etc.

will keep everyone posted

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we have entered all the items with special abilities now. we are triple checking. will probably set it live on monday!
Posted on 12-16-2023 at 8:14 AM

made successful double pass through all the items with bonuses (those that run for instance every 30 minutes, 4 hours , etc)

will do another pass over, and a final test before setting those live and fully cut away from the old backend system
Posted on 12-14-2023 at 7:18 AM

accessories final cut over begins this week

Posted by

Sin Vraal
(#18687) on Dec 11, 2023
We will be finally cutting away fully from the old system for managing accessories this week.

Please pay attention to your dog logs and user logs for update messages, and for any missing effects from items.

after this, we will be almost fully migrated onto the new inventory and item system, and we can begin phasing in new equipment, game mechanics ,etc!

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item catalog now has item previews

Posted by

Sin Vraal
(#18687) on Dec 09, 2023
item previewing will be migrated to item catalog.

its built right in. just click the item you want, then 'try it out'

design is a little rough at moment, but it still works .

I'll clean it up over the next couple days!

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