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some polls coming up

Posted by

Sin Vraal
(#18687) on Mar 20, 2024
A few polls coming up over the next couple weeks, please be sure to vote, so I know what is most important to you for me to fix.

I was a little surprised about the results. so I'm gonna work split time improving the existing systems, as well as new features.

Since the vote is roughly even, I will work on modest features first in order to accommodate time for systems work.

So, first things first, which systems need work, and if you have something in particular, drop a line in the comments here about what you need fixed,

-There is a lot of upward progress we can make on existing systems. in terms of usability for all. so after we can get an idea of what systems are most important, I can make more detailed polls for what in particular needs fixing.

New game features polls are coming next, so I can get an idea about what everyone wants the most next.

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Oo yeah I have 12 in my inventory. Started out as 10
Posted on 03-28-2024 at 9:09 PM

profile fixes

Posted by

Sin Vraal
(#18687) on Mar 15, 2024
Some players with custom profile css have issues displaying dogs etc

This is tied to changing the opacity, particularly on the #banner and #main.

alter opacity on these layers interferes with the modal dialog functionality, probably due to the specificity of the selector being used (#<id> is very specific).

I am investigating this, howeer if you want a quick fix for your profile, disable any opacity references with a // (comment) in front of the opacity.

I will release a tool kit and add hooks to the profile so that you can skin your profile to your specific needs shortly!

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if you need help with your profile, I will be happy to fix it and show you what I did. just message me!
Posted on 03-15-2024 at 9:02 AM

getting ready for launch

Posted by

Sin Vraal
(#18687) on Mar 13, 2024
We now have an artist panel in the final stages of completion.

New content can be tested, and pushed live.

This applies to accessories , companions etc.

We finished up 200+ new custom markings. they are going up now

There will be some final testing to ensure compatibility before these all go live.

Up next are new breeds. This might take a bit of time b/c I want to look closely at the system first. the old way of doing it is not properly done, and continuing the way they did it could cause problems

After this we will shift into monthly updates, with the intent of getting to weekly.

As this process starts, I will work through the remaining bugs before we start the laborious task of upgrading , simplifying and adding new ones!

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