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Monthly Shop Update

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(#29063) on Feb 27, 2024
We have updated the Monthly Shop with Spring Items!

Broken Chestnut Bunny
Broken Chinchilla Bunny
Broken Orange Bunny

Alpine Wildflowers Background
Blossoming Forest Background
English Cottage Background
Flowery Field Background
Spring Thaw Background

Bird Feeder
Bird Nest
Bunny Kits
Cherry Blossom Collar
Clouded Yellow Butterflies
Muddy Paws
Purple Flowers
Theiving Rabbit

We will also be adding the Monthly Item for Upgraded accounts once Henry figures out the coding. I will post another news post when it is up for grabs.

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monthly item works now
Posted on 02-27-2024 at 12:13 PM

Welcome Back to returning Users and Welcome to New Users.

Posted by

(#29063) on Feb 21, 2024
It's wonderful to see people returning. I hope everyone sticks around and joins us for the many changing endeavors we hope to make with Alacrity.

To help people find their way around I have worked up an new wiki:


There are even codes for basic glitch colors for each breed, also explanation of changes to user profiles, dog pages, kennels and item placement.

As always I am usually around! If anyone needs anything feel free to reach out or submit an issue the the issue hub.

We are also always looking for artist to help us add more to the site!

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-ADDED (2024-02-24) trials now come in 2 flavors
- battle royale (unlimited players)
- limited (5 players)

they will refresh within 5 minutes of the previous trial closing

-polling souped up with some vote ratio bars.
-shouts can now easily display all adverts
-trial email now spell checked

Polls have under undergoing upgrades. There is a cash bounty for voting now!

Check the "contact me" box if you are ok with us contacting you for elaboration on details (worth additional bonus)

Anyone who previously voted for the current trial was bonused accordingly.
Posted on 02-25-2024 at 2:20 AM

Click on Kennel / options / vip options.

You can select feed all from there
Posted on 02-22-2024 at 4:41 AM

I cant find in the new wiki on how to mass feed all dogs if your upgraded!
Posted on 02-22-2024 at 2:19 AM


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