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Posted by

Sin Vraal
(#18687) on Aug 05, 2023
Testing has been completed on the individual components, and a test rig has been constructed (ahem, to test).

components are designed to manage, and describe the various database tables within alacrity. at this point the the tools should be able to manage database interactions almost completely.

now I have to construct the management tool, which links the individual components together in order to form 'entities'.

An entity represents all the data for any particular object across all of the tables. as an example, an item spans several tables (the item description, the inventory, supplemental tables such as whether or not its equipped)

this part should go easier, anyway more updates soon!

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small update soon

Posted by

Sin Vraal
(#18687) on Jul 30, 2023
I'm installing some software to track what I'm working on.

this part of the changes will be somewhat invisible to the user, but I want everyone to see what I'm working on.

its primary purpose is security, but I configured it to only work on changes.

It wont be perfect, but it will give you an idea. I first have to clean up the reports a bit to sanitize file system information so we dont leak security info etc.

I figure this way you can know I'm still alive and working on it, and possibly (I'm not sure how much detail I can get out of it) see how many changes are being made!

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so I got it working. but I'll have to write a tool to parse the logs.

if I cant get something reasonable done in a few hours, I'll just skip it for now
Posted on 07-30-2023 at 9:02 AM


Posted by

Sin Vraal
(#18687) on Jul 20, 2023
So far the new structure is functionality is finished, albeit roughly. it requires some polishing..

What can we do with this?

This tool is generally a backend tool designed to ease work on the database.

The plan is to use it to consistently apply updates to items, image assets, dog etc without having to write large amounts of code , test it , and update pages after changing the database.

its taking a long time b/c inventory and images in particular are the cornerstone of alacrity. every change here takes time (due to double checking , and applying it across the site). But when this is finished, it will substantially lessen the workload on inventory, and additionally provide a consistent framework that we can add new content, etc.

In summary, I apologize for the long wait. But the whole item system/image display ball of yarn is messy, and I need a good solution to tackle it

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thank you so much for the encouragement. cleaning this up is become a bit of an obsession. but its well worth ti!
Posted on 08-19-2023 at 12:30 PM

You are doing an amazing job!!
Posted on 07-20-2023 at 1:21 PM



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