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Under Construction

Hey Guys.

I just wanted to let you guys know that, as of today, work is going to start on Alacrity. You may start to see changes soon, but also potentially pages may go temporarily down and server latency might occasionally go up as we update.

The biggest change you'll see soon is an update to the TOS, Rules, and Bones Purchasing pages. These changes to the way the site works are required in order to save Alacrity permanently, and will not affect gameplay, but still I want everything to be transparent going forward.

In that vein, I would like to make you all aware of Sam. Sam is a programmer and will be working server-side to make Alacrity into what it should really have been all along. Sam prefers They/Them pronouns and is based in NYS/NYC and I see them very often, so there will be no more games of email tag with coders and the parent company. You bring me a problem, I tell Sam, we fix it.

After Sam does some emergency functional work and general maintenance, Ehm has plans to do a visual revamp of the site, as this layout is 10 years old and wasn't particularly modern to begin with.

We thank you for your patience during these growing pains and look forward to a better site interface with functional features going forward.


Posted by Kit (#7244) on Jul 02, 2019

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I'm excited for this! I was obsessed with Ala back in the day and still checked in now and then for updates so I'm really glad things are moving and hoping for an Ala revitalization ♥
Posted on 07-10-2019 at 8:56 PM
Cant wait to see Ala come back to its former glory!.
Posted on 07-9-2019 at 7:16 AM
Yaaaay! This is so exciting!
Posted on 07-5-2019 at 2:50 PM

Don't Buy Bones


Don't buy bones. I don't know what's going on with the donation page but it's not sending anything. I'm working on doing the bones and items manually. I spoke with our coder and he is not willing to help at this time. I have a new coder I'm talking to but I'd have to pay him out of my own pocket and that's not really a feasible thing right now.

More later.

Posted by Kit (#7244) on Jan 24, 2019

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Ya know, why don't we make a GoFundMe or something to keep the site running as it should?
Posted on 05-19-2019 at 11:15 AM
Kit, you're working so hard. The least we can do as a community is to help pay for a coder.
Posted on 01-25-2019 at 12:06 AM

Spring has Sprung!

Good morning, Alacrites!

I'm going to ignore the literal blizzard outside my window, because the vernal equinox arrived last week and Easter is on the horizon! You asked for this, and we heard you— so in celebration of the new season, we've brought them back:

Easter Custom Auctions!
Click »here« to see all the auction dogs in their kennel
Click »here« to go right to the list of auctions

There are whopping 52 custom dogs up for auction, each one decked out with some delightful Easter items!
A rundown on the details, for the curious:

• There are two males and two females of each breed being auctioned. One of each is being auctioned for bones, and one of each for ala cash. Every single design is unique!
• Each of these pastel beauties would cost 13 bones to create and has 5 secondary markings, along with a white marking.
• Every dog also comes with: 1x Cloud Background, 1x Flowery Meadow, 1x Falling Blue Feathers, 1x Falling Pink Feathers, 1x Falling Yellow Feathers, 1x Easter Bandana, 1x Easter Decoration, 1x Easter Chicks, and 1x Easter Fireflies.
• Bone auctions start at 1 bone, and have a minimum increment of 1 bone.
• Ala cash auctions start at $250, and have a minimum increment of $250. That means you earn enough for one bid every time you retire a dog!
• The auctions will end at roughly 1:30 AM - 1:45 AM, Alacrity time, on Monday, April 2nd, 2018.

Bone Auctions
For those of you coveting some of those dogs but lacking the bones for them, don't start amputating any limbs just yet! Keep an eye on the bone auctions, and you might just snag some of that sweet, sweet ivory at a discount this week.
Some of you may have already noticed the bone auctions listed below the Easter Customs, but don't just rely on that! Other benefactors (it's Kit, I just mean Kit) will also be fronting some bone auctions, so make sure to check all the bone auctions by going to:
Earthly Goods > Auctions and searching the Bone Auctions at the bottom of the page!

Random Events
And for anyone more interested in the accessories the Easter Customs are flaunting, you don't have to rely on winning a dog to get your hands on any of it!
• Clouds Background can be purchased from The Scenic Route
• Flowery Meadow can be purchased from the Cash Boutique
• Falling Blue Feathers, Falling Pink Feathers, and Falling Yellow Feathers can all be purchased from Decore Galore
• Everyone has a chance to receive the Easter Bandana, Easter Chicks, Easter Decoration, and Easter Fireflies from Random Events which will be running for the next two weeks

...and of course you may be able to snag any of these items from your fellow players through User Shops!

And last, but certainly not least...
Please, I implore you: if you're even half as jazzed for this stuff as I am, go give your appreciation to our wonderful moderator, Bobbie.
Not only did she do 99.9% of the design work on those stunning Easter Customs, but we have her to thank for any of this even getting started.
And, of course, thank you. Things have been pretty quiet around here, and we truly appreciate those of you who have stuck it out for as long as you have.
We hope this brightens your week a little bit as we step into Spring!

Happy Easter!
Posted by Ehm (#93) on Mar 26, 2018

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*** Some of the Easter Customs were still showing pup images with incorrect colour representation. This has now been fixed! ***
Posted on 03-26-2018 at 3:21 PM
Randomdog ◊ GSDs ◊
Great idea! Love the colors :)
Posted on 03-26-2018 at 3:08 AM
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